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Zero to Rally


Ride with us in America’s longest off-road rally

The Rebelle Rally is the longest off-road rally in the U.S. It doesn’t allow GPS or any digital wayfinding across its 1,600-mile, 8-day course – only paper maps and a compass. The Rebelle Rally, now in its seventh year, is also just for women.

Rivian has competed in the rally for the past three years, helping found the “Electrified Category” back in 2020 with a pre-production R1T. Each year since, we’ve continued to test, learn and push the limits of our vehicles, competing last year for the first time with an all-Rivian team driving, navigating and supporting the vehicles.

“We get to drive the car that we all helped make. I’m really thankful that we’ve had this chance to do this and really put the vehicle through its paces to help improve the experience by being out here,” said Nicole Johnson, design director at Rivian and 2022 Rebelle Rally driver.

For this year’s Rebelle Rally, Rivian is giving every U.S. employee the opportunity to compete.

Selection for this year’s Rivian team is already underway, and training is set to start in mid-April. The 2023 Rebelle Rally takes place October 12-23. Positions for driver and navigator are open to all U.S. employees identifying as female, with support and technician roles open to all.

For a look at the experience of training for and competing in the Rebelle Rally with Team Rivian, check out our short film. In it, you can ride along with Rivian employees Nicole, Lilly Macaruso, Alexandra “Alex” Anderson and Rosanna “Ro” Nuch as they go from “zero to rally” preparing, practicing and ultimately finishing the 2022 Rebelle Rally.

We’ll keep you posted as this year’s rally team comes together.

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