O kompaniji

About us

Our story is about people coming together with one mission in mind: to protect our planet and the cultures that inhabit it for generations to come.

Through our hiring, onboarding, development and rewards, we’re committed to building an inclusive workplace where ideas and innovation flourish and where all individuals feel a true sense of belonging. Breaking up homogeneity by working with people who are different challenges entrenched ways of thinking and encourages greater scrutiny of actions and decisions.

Tech stack

Kotlin Java Go Python C C++ Node.js Swift Rust JavaScript React SQL NoSQL Linux Linux Kernel

Our people

Vladimir Bokan

Engineering Manager, Mapping

Ivona Jovanović

Software Engineer II, Embedded, Autonomy

Lena Novović

Software Engineer II, Camera

Vuk Vulović

Staff Technical Product Manager, Information technology

Selection process

1. Recruiter interview

2. Hiring Manager interview (for some roles this might be a coding exercise)

3. Interviews with the business

4. Offer

5. Welcome & onboarding

Note: as we are still building our team in Serbia, many of our interviewers are based in the US so you might be asked to take interviews in the evening hours.


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Profit i prihod


Tadije Sondermajera 11 Beograd 11070, Serbia