O kompaniji

O nama

Our story begins 2 years ago in the same city, when ideas, enthusiasm, knowledge, and faith came together so that the starting quality with which we start the story can create an exceptional product.

We started with a small team of only a couple of people in the team, but very quickly it became clear that we needed reinforcements, because it was already shown at the very beginning that we were going in the right direction.

Today, we are a team of 20 people who continue with the same enthusiasm and create a product for which the best indicator of quality is interest and demand on the market.

We have new projects and challenges ahead of us, which our developers, testers, designers, and managers readily welcome.

Tech stack

Java Swift JavaScript C# Android iOS .NET Kubernetes Docker MongoDB


We are all working from home

Our junior developers are guided by senior developers

Each team member has a say in the direction of the product

We avoid endless meetings

Every Friday is learning day!

We avoid stress, the point is not to work under stress, the less stress, the greater the productivity and satisfaction.

Team buildings, presents...


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Profit i Prihod


Dr Ivana Ribara 125b 12 Belgrade, Serbia