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Soft Road Apps is the very first Japanese IT company in Serbia. Located in the very center of the capital city of Belgrade, which serves as a base for connecting Europe and Asia.

Soft Road Apps is a subsidiary of SRA Holdings, Inc. The head office Software Research Associates, Inc. was founded in 1967 and based in Tokyo, with offices in Nagoya and Osaka.

In addition, the SRA Group continues expanding its network not only in Japan, but also in promising markets around the world, and group’s companies in various parts of the world offer services ranging from developing, selling, consulting and supporting various systems.

In Soft Road Apps, we are trying not only to expand and develop the business that the SRA group has developed so far, but also to develop new systems and applications for business using wearable devices like smart glasses.

Soft Road Apps will contribute to the development of the industry with the aim of further practical application of information technologies, relying on the co-operation of our multilingual staff and young software engineers who possess high technical competence and the will to actively contribute on a global scale.


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