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STAX Technologies is a renowned international company entirely focused on the continuous development of its technological innovations dedicated predominantly to the world of tissue paper packaging and to other related professional services. STAX is a company of the American Barry-Wehmiller Group, a worldwide leading supplier of production technologies for packaging, corrugated cardboard, foil and paper processing.

STAX Technologies is partnering with its customers, understanding their needs and providing innovative technological solutions. Swiftness in adapting to the quickly changing market trends and high level of creativity and innovation is what differentiates Stax Technologies from any other manufacturer.

Since its foundation, 18th February, 2002 in Cacak, STAX Technologies has been focused on a continuous development and manufacturing of the packaging machines for the Tissue Converting Industry. Over the years, by introducing endless innovations, we have become one of the leading companies in the packaging industry. Swiftness in adapting to the quickly changing market trends and constantly supplying newly developed technological achievements is what differentiates STAX Technologies from any other manufacturer.

As a manufacturer of supreme automatic systems for tissue converting industry we are offering complete solutions for packaging of tissue paper for personal care, fulfilling specific requests of our clients.

To become the global leader in providing packaging solutions in tissue converting industry - a synonym for packaging equipment in this industry.


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