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Structura Concept offers a complete service – from concept, planning and design to realization of greenfield or brownfield projects. Our special expertise lies in turn-key solutions for commerce and industry: manufacturing, logistics and energy infrastructure.

We see our architectural and construction skills as tools for understanding the needs of both Client and end user, and as the means to turn vision into reality. Each assignment is an opportunity to enrich our lives with new possibilities and greater comfort by exploring new opportunities together.

Structura Concept’s approach is to understand our clients’ needs and respond to them both efficiently and creatively, searching for any opportunity for improvement at all stages of the process. This close collaboration with the Client results in an organisationally, architecturally and technically sound response to a clarified hierarchy of needs, leading to a construction project with a natural ‘feel’ and a pleasing expression.

In the course of programming and design, our Clients are presented with a realistic vision so that the construction phase becomes the natural next step.

Structura Concept  insists on applying a value-based approach. This has proved its worth time and again, stimulating greater creativity and allowing its integration into the construction process whenever it benefits the interests of all parties in the project. Architectural design has always been challenged by tight budgets – for good reason – but all too often, deadlines and designs tend to serve the interests of construction firms rather than focus on the enduring values of useable space and an agreeable built environment.

Structura Concept’s  approach simplifies and brings greater efficiency to the whole process of communication between the various consultants on the project. It prepares the ground for a seamless transition from design to construction. This is further stimulated by bringing in possible contractors as valuable participants in the design process at an early stage, adding a dimension of greater financial security to the design.

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