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Symphony is the only culture-driven technology house that cracks the toughest challenges in tech by inspiring the brightest engineers to do their life’s work. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the world’s top entrepreneurs as fully integrated teams.

We’re full-stack. Our long-term collaborations with the most ambitious and creative teams in the valley: the world range from machine learning, wearables to mobile-first products and more.

Our Vision

Deliver technology impact with the workforce of the future.
We are pioneering the partnership model that delivers the most ambitious and impactful end-to-end digital projects for the world’s most influential companies.
We are building the workforce of the future and enabling the best global talent to come together to deliver work that matters.

Bulevar vojvode Putnika 34, 11000 Beograd; Nova 12 br.9, 21 208 Sremska Kamenica, Novi Sad; Bulevar Medijana 36, 18 000 Niš
+1 800 778 884

About us

Ever since 2007 we are on a mission to build excellent software with amazing people. During these years, we have grown together, and we’re still growing by sharing our knowledge while honoring the values of transparency, flexibility, and teamwork.
Symphony comprises over 300 talented technologists, and we partner with tech and industry leaders worldwide to solve some of the most complex digital challenges. But as we’ve grown, we’ve kept our small-company spirit and have never lost our focus on people and providing real value to our clients.

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VRH  IT POSLODAVAC 2021 - top 10

Tech stack

Java Python NodeJS Golang ReactJS Angular JavaScript Swift Java Android Objective-C Kotlin React Native


Working Hours Remote Work Health Program Food Sports Relaxation Team Activities
40h a week of flexible working time.
Work from home once a week. Possibility to work from one of other Symphony hubs.
Individual health insurance plus we can provide a health insurance program for your family members on affordable terms, too.
We offer fruit snacks at 10 AM and lunch at noon every day. Occasional sweets in the afternoon, too.
Gym, tennis court, table tennis, table football, darts, air hockey. Scheduled soccer once a week.
Our office offers an open pool, sauna, game room, and nap room with expected messages.
In addition to a couple of team buildings a year, we have regular happy hours and many fun events.

Our people

srdjan todorovic.jpeg

Srđan Todorović

Head of Service Delivery

Symphony offers a unique blend of community, culture, support, and development for its engineers. Also, the possibility of working with startups and companies from Silicone Valley sounds like a great opportunity. For an engineer, it's very inspiring and motivating to work in such an environment.
Nemanja Tomic.png

Nemanja Tomić

Director of Software Engineering

Challenging projects and great benefits motivated me to join Symphony. Above all the technical challenges, the toughest one has been perfecting my managerial skills to fit the company of this scale; but having excellent colleagues and clients has helped me on my professional journey.
marija djuric.jpeg

Marija Đurić

Software Engineer

You know what they say - “Time flies when you have fun.” That’s how I feel about the last four years since I have joined Symphony as an iOS developer. I was one of the first developers in the Belgrade hub, and as the hub grew, my knowledge and experience were also increasing.

Our stories

  • People of Symphony starring Jelena Milosevic: DevOps As An Integral Part Of The Development Team

    Let us introduce Jelena, a member of our DevOps team in Novi Sad! She started her career in this field almost three years ago, and, as she likes to say, it started by accident when she got a laptop as a present, but with Linux on it. The curiosity took the lead as she wanted to figure out more about what is happening behind the machine’s pretty colors. Step by step, Jelena became a Development and Operations engineer, which means that she is now supporting her development teams by providing an automated infrastructure that is stable for deploying their applications. (više)

  • The What and the How of Testing in React

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur launching a service or a developer working on an application, one thing is for sure: your front end needs to impress and it needs to do it fast. In other words, if you want to succeed, the quality of the product you deliver needs to be impeccable and there’s little room for bugs. That’s why I do my best to include tests and make them mandatory on all front-end projects I work on in Symphony. (više)

  • People of Symphony Starring Jasmina Jovanova: Adding Value by Visualizing the Bigger Picture

    Jasmina’s story is a true example of how self-discipline and commitment can forge a great career path. During a decade and a half in the industry, Jasmina has managed to find new challenges, explore new areas and domains, and expand personal boundaries — from starting as a testing trainee, over the first lead roles, to today’s position as a Service Delivery Manager in our development center in Skopje. Moderate, at first sight, Jasmina leaves an impression that she manages to do everything with incredible ease. From her daily routine — starting with a continental breakfast and making sure the kids are up and running — to daily team meetings. She follows the “light approach” to facilitate the process of “bringing value while getting the job done.” (više)

  • People of Symphony starring Anida Mumic: Service Delivery Manager with a success-driven mindset

    This is the story of Anida Mumic - a Service Delivery Manager at Symphony who goes by the nickname "Sunshine." In this blog, you will learn how she went from getting her first internship to leading a cross-functional team of more than thirty people. Keep reading because this is a story about motivation, persistence, and drive to go forward! (više)

  • People of Symphony starring Anja Andric: Quality Assurance in focus – How it improved my skills and showed me which way to go

    It's time to meet Anja Andric, a QA Engineer from our Belgrade development center! Besides the unmistakable fashion style and positive energy, Anja is famous for her constant desire to learn and grow. Before joining Symphony, she spent the first three years of her career solving problems and searching for why something is not working. "But, one day, I stopped and realized that while analyzing issues and bugs, I had found a new career path. That's precisely when I realized I should change the purpose of my programming and switch to automation testing," Anja started her story. (više)

    IT Insajder

    Utisci zaposlenih o radu u IT sektoru kompanije Symphony.is

    Java developer

    Nikola, Online
    bez ponude za posao
    Intervju srednje težine
    pozitivno iskustvo
    Ceo proces je trajao 2 nedelje
    Kako je izgledao proces
    Hr upoznavanje Tehnicki intervju Tehnicki challange Izuzetno prijatatan svaki krug Obicno su programeri sujetni, gledaju da ti naprave sto neprijatnije, ovde to nije slucaj, jako prijatan razgovor o iskustvima, ako ne znas navode te na pdgovor... Zadatak se meni nine svideo, ne ispituje core javu ili nesto takp, ako nisi radio sa tin sto ti traze, treba ti vreme da istrazis da bi rrsio problem, ali skroz OK Sve pohvale za profesionalnost u svakom krugu

    Mid/Senior QA Automation Engineers

    Osoba nije želela da prikaže svoje lične podatke, Beograd
    bez ponude za posao
    negativno iskustvo
    Ceo proces je trajao 7 nedelja
    Kako je izgledao proces

    Sigurno najneprijatnije iskustvo koje sam do sada imao tokom procesa razgovora za posao. Da naglasim, prijavio sam se za poziciju u Beograd office-u, a neprijatnost se odnosi na komunikaciju i profesionalnost HR tima iz Sarajeva (oni su najvise prisutni u procesu) i Beograda.

    Problem broj 1 - Njihov proces je jako detaljan i zahteva dosta vremena. Ukupno 12-14h aktivnog rada od strane kandidata, nekoliko psiholoskih i logickih testova, 3 razgovora i tehnicki zadatak od osam sati. Znajuci to, nakon prvog razgovora sam pismeno zamolio HR da proveri da li moja finansijska ocekivanja se uklapaju u budzet pozicije, kako ne bismo dzabe izgubili toliko vremena. Dobio sam potvrdni odgovor i nastavili sa procesom. Na poslednjem krugu pred ponudu, druga osoba iz HR-a je pitala koja su moja finansijska ocekivanja, sto pokazuje da moja molba nije prosledjena ni ostatku HR tima. Nakon poslednjeg kruga mi je stigao mejl da se uklapam personalno i sto se tice tehnickih skill-ova, ali finansijska ocekivanja su iznad budzeta. Sto opet pokazuje da finansijska ocekivanja nisu bila proverena.

    Problem broj 2 - Slanje dezinformacija. Uz navedeni mejl, takodje je poslato da bez obzira na pitanje finansija, voleli bi da nastave sa ponudom zaposlenje i da cu imati razgovor sa employment menadzerom. Tri dana nakon ovog mejla, dobijam poziv od HR-a sa temom - ipak neces imati razgovor, jednostavno ocekivanja su daleko iznad budzeta pa nema smisla za razgovor. Logicno postavljam pitanja vezano za potvrdu finansijskih ocekivanja koje sam dobio od njihovog kolege i dobijam odgovor da ona jesu moguca ali za super seniora koji vodi timove. Da naglasim ja sam se prijavio na Medior/Senior poziciju tako da definitvno na samom pocetku je moglo jednostavno se zakljuciti da se ne radi uopste o istoj poziciji.

    Problem broj 3 - Neprefosionalan feedback. Nakon svega ja sam zamolio da mi se prosledi tehnicki feedback za zadatak. Prvo naveli su dve stvari kao nedostatke koje ja nisam imao prilike da radim u svojoj karijeri (niti naveo u svom CV), i nisu bile deo zadatka. Naravno, to moze biti jedan od njihovih kriterijuma za poziciju ali to je moglo da se proceni i na osnovu CV-ija bez potrebe bilo kakvog razgovora. Drugi deo neprofesionalnog feedback-a, tehnicki nedostaci za sam zadatak (sto apsolutno nisu, vec preference) su opisani sa tri do pet reci, i definitvno nisu jasni u tehnickom smislu.

    Problem broj 4 - Neprefosionalna komunikacija. Poslao sam 3 podpitanja kako bih pokusao da razumem sta su hteli da kazu sa tih par reci. Nakon slanja reminder-a posle 10 dana sa moje strane, dobijam sledeci odgovor da je procena uradjena u odnosu na Symphony best practices, i dalja objasnjenja bi predstavljala davanje treninga. Kako je u redu odgovoriti nakon 10 dana da necete odgovoriti na pitanja? Kako je profesionalno raditi procenu kandidata (koji nikada nije radio u Symphony kompaniji) u odnosu na Symphony best practices? Takodje nije fer da kandidat potrosi 12-14h za proces a zauzvrat je problem da se posalje kratak opis navedenih nedostataka. Drugo, netacno je porediti kratak opis i trening. Kako te dve stvari mogu biti iste? Za kratak opis nedostataka vam je potrebno max 5 minuta.

    Software Engineer

    • Trenutno zaposlen/a u kompaniji
    • Zaposlen na neodređeni vremenski period
    • Opšti utisak o kompaniji:
    Pozitivni utisci o kompaniji
    Proces selekcije je odličan i rezultuje kvalitetnim ljudima kao kolegama.
    Lep kancelarijski prostor, opuštena atmosfera i druženje.
    Zamerke kompaniji
    Posao je klasičan outsourcing, jako malo dobrih projekata. Mnogo toga zavisi od klijenta i projekta, pošto sami sve komunicirate sa klijentom.
    Navodni fokus na ljude i community u praksi varira između površnog i farse.
    Fluktuacija je velika, ne očekuje se da će ljudi ostati duže od godine, plate nisu konkurentne, a mogućnost napredovanja minimalna.
    Ulaganje u učenje i usavršavanje ne postoji, na primer konferencije se moraju "dodatno zaraditi".
    ne preporučujem

    Software Engineer

    • Nije trenutno zaposlen/a u kompaniji
    • Zaposlen na neodređeni vremenski period manje od jedne godine
    • Opšti utisak o kompaniji:
    Pozitivni utisci o kompaniji
    Hrana je ok
    Prostor je pristojan
    Privatno zdravstveno osiguranje
    Mogućnost da se usavrši veština igranja sad već standardnih stvari po firmama (stoni fudbal, stoni tenis, itd.)
    Zamerke kompaniji
    Katastrofalni projekti koje bira neorganizovan i loš menadžment, kompleksnost projekata na jako niskom nivou.

    Podrška od firme se ogleda u praznim obećanjima sa standardnim menadžerskim floskulama tipa, radimo na tome baš sad, dolaze bolje stvari u bliskoj budućnosti itd.

    Seniora u firmi maltene nema tako da praktično nemate od koga da učite, mada za projekte nije potreban neki visok nivo znanja.
    ne preporučujem
    *Utisci zaposlenih predstavljaju subjektivno mišljenje njihovih autora i ne odražavaju mišljenje sajta HelloWorld.rs i njegovog tima.


  • Pozicija
    Prosečna neto zarada
    Min Max

    Software Engineer
    4 plate
    1988 EUR / mesečno
    1200 3000

    Technical Lead
    1 plata
    4000 EUR / mesečno
    4000 4000

    DevOps Engineer
    1 plata
    2500 EUR / mesečno
    2500 2500

  • APR

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