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Synchrotek was founded in 2004. Thanks to our knowledge, hard work and dedication, we soon became aware of the fact that we can be more than competitive on the market. We are young and eager and our aim is to achieve our goals at the highest standards.

The vision was without any doubt – to be leaders in control and simulation software. With the support and the remarkable cooperation with our partners, we became leaders in Heat Pump System Controls and automation in test stands. When dealing with such delicate matters, one must be precise, sustainable and customer friendly. We use alternative energy to fulfill customers’ needs in almost no time, keeping the quality at the highest level. That is what Synchrotek is all about.

Today, strengthened by new people and challenges we can proudly say we are pushing the company even further. Synchrotek is a company of the future, always pushing forward and always open to new people with mind blowing ideas, because we want our presence to be seen and recognized worldwide.

Consulting the experts, inspired by this uplifting energy, we proudly present to you our new web site and appearance.


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