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When it comes to QA and Testing for games, VR, and film & television, you need to consider solutions that work. We’ve got over 20 years of experience partnering with video game and entertainment companies from around the world. We give you Quality Assurance, Localization, Compliance and Certification, and Customer Support that get it right the first time. Every time.

Our mission is to truly understand our partners, and their customers so that we help create entertainment experiences that exceed expectations. We’re gamers ourselves, and genuinely become invested in our partner’s products. We feel a part of their team and take great joy in knowing they don’t have to worry when we are on the job.

We have entry-level and experienced opportunities in any number of our locations: Warsaw, New Orleans, London, Bucharest, Belgrade. We are always looking for testers, player support agents and translators who share our passion for games. Reach out to join our growing team!

When Testronic first opened its doors in 1998, we were a handful of testers in a small office in London. As we’ve grown our operations, our locations, our services, the Testronic culture crystallized into its current form.

We attract like-minded individuals who are passionate about games and the gaming experience. Bugs, crashes, even the tiniest of out of place details frustrate us to no end. There is a sense of ownership for the games we test. We feel a sense of obligation in making sure each game is released in its highest potential possible so fans all over the world will experience what the creators envisioned.

Our teams perform best when there are diverse perspectives, clearly aligned goals, fluid communication among team members and with partners, and an overall commitment to the quality of gameplay. Of course, it’s also important to remember to have fun. We’re working on games for crying out loud!

If you are passionate about gaming, have a great eye for detail, and want to be part of an award-winning team. We want to hear from you!

Join our team and build a career out of doing something you love.

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Happy Friday

Each Friday, colleagues who want to hang out gather in our gaming rooms and indulge in video and board gaming, or just casual chats, fuled by the provided snacks and drinks. 

Organised sports

In healthy body - healthy gaming! On a weekly basis, we rent a space for playing football (Wednesdays) and basketball (Saturdays), so our colleagues with a nack for sports can enjoy some physical activites. 

Gaming room

On both of the floors that our office space occupies we have a gaming room which consists of a few PC's, consoles and various board games, as well as sofas and lazy bags to lounge around on during break time. 

Learning hub

We have our own moodle platform for personal and professional growth and development, with various technical and softskill courses with quizes to do in your own time, and with the upper level ones being held in form of online workshops. 

Private health insurance

We provide a private health care plan for all of our employees. 

Naši ljudi

Aleksandar Tica

QA Project Manager

Stasa Hocevar

Associate QA Lead

Velimir Surkalovic

Project Management Team Lead

Proces selekcije

Vrsta selekcije:
intervju + test
Trajanje selekcije:
10 dana
Krugovi selekcije:
3 kruga

Our selection process depends on the position you have applied for, but generally, for entry level positions, the rough outline is: 

  •  English Leveling Test

The same one is done across all positions - we are an international company and English is our primary language. 

  • Technical Assessment - Position dependent:

1. Functionality QA - Two hour online group assessment, consisting of a screenshot test and gameplay test

2. Player Support Specialist - Case study test of 3 questions done via our platfrom on your own time

3. Localisation QA - Two and a half hour online group assessment to test your specific language skills related to translation and proofreading

  • Interview

If you pass the technical assessment, last and final step for all positions is an online interview with a recruiter (or a recruiter and a hiring manager in case of Player Support). It lasts between 30-45 minutes, for the purpose of getting to know you, your experience and skills better and to introduce you to our company culture and values.

For medior and senior positions, first step again is the English Leveling Test, after which there are usually two rounds of interviews, one with the recruiter, the other with the hiring managers. 


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