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Visionaries are a Dime a Dozen


When I tell people I have a product development agency and we build apps and services, people always want to tell me about their ideas. Most of the time it is a "Wouldn't it be great if you could just do X, Y and Z with your phone" type of pitch. Which is fun to think about and I enjoy as much as anyone.

Sadly, I think seeing a desirable future state is close to useless. And I have spent way to much time doing it. These days I try to just not even go down the wormholes I come up with, because all too often they end up just entries in my notebook.

What is useful, particularly in a leader or entrepreneur, is seeing how to get from where we are to a desirable future state. Ideally in small steps that let us test and learn and change as we go. And raising money. :).

Less important is whether the future state is your idea, someone else's, or just plain obvious.

And that's really what we do today at the Idea Compiler. Make ideas real in the world through a concrete process we have created to do it predictably.

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