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About us

At Tietoevry, we are reinventing financial services for good! 

Join us on an incredible journey with us as we lead the way in the world of technology. Tietoevry Group, deeply rooted in Nordic heritage while possessing global capabilities, is dedicated to creating digital futures where businesses, societies, and humanity can truly thrive. At the heart of everything we do are our core values of openness, trust, and diversity.

To bridge the gap between technology and humanity, we need a combination of diverse backgrounds, exploring new approaches, and more importantly, we need you, your unique perspective, skillset, and ambition. Your contribution is pivotal in our mission to align technology with the needs of humanity. In return, we offer you opportunities to explore what truly matters to you, supporting your personal and professional goals and encouraging you to express what you believe in.

With a global team of over 24 000 experts specializing in cloud, data, and software, we serve thousands of enterprises and public-sector customers across more than 90 countries.

Our Belgrade team, which has thrived to include almost 100 talented individuals, is immersed in the exciting world of banking and leasing solutions. Within our Class-A office space, you'll find a vibrant and stimulating work environment that fuels creativity and collaboration.

Join us in becoming part of our inclusive community, where you are empowered to make a difference.


Ovaj poslodavac odgovara na vaše prijave

Ovaj poslodavac odgovara na vaše prijave

Priznanje predstavlja dokaz da poslodavac odgovara kandidatima na njihove prijave nakon što je konkurs za posao završen, nezavisno od pozitivnog ili negativnog ishoda.

Tech stack

C# SQL Azure MS SQL T-SQL TFS Git MVC CSS/SaSS Javascript SSRS .NET DevOps SSIS Docker Kubernetes Terraform NoSQL MongoDb Kafka GraphQL Python Cucumber Microservices GitOps Blazor ASP.NET jQuery Bootstrap HTML 5 .NET Core


Private health insurance

We offer private health insurance to colleagues and their children with discount for medical examination for spouses. In addition to health insurance, we provide life insurance, insurance against serious diseases & surgical interventions and insurance in case of accident.

Flexible start of the day

As we prioritize work-life balance we provide flexible start of working hours.

Hybrid work model

Experience the advantages of alternating between remote and office work throughout the week!

Learning and development

We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to personal and professional growth. That's why we champion individuality through our individual development goals. Discover our user-friendly internal learning platform, where you can easily access a wide range of learning resources, connect with mentors, participate in live training sessions, and reap the benefits of external learning platforms, as well!

Buddy program

Through our buddy program, you'll have a trusted companion who will guide you through your initial days, ensuring a smooth transition and answering any questions you may have. Our learning communities provide a platform for continuous growth, where you can connect with like-minded colleagues, share knowledge, and expand your skills. Moreover, our senior colleagues, Team Leaders, and Managers are dedicated to your success, offering mentorship and unwavering support throughout your journey with us.

Game room & Gym

Unleash your creativity and recharge in our game room, where you can engage in friendly competition, bond with colleagues, and let off some steam. Additionally, stay fit and prioritize your physical well-being with our on-site gym


Relax right here at the office! We've got discounted saunas, massages, and a pool within Skyline area. And if you'd rather stay put, there's a comfy massage chair waiting for you in the office.

Team Building

At Tietoevry Belgrade, we believe in fostering strong connections and creating a sense of belonging, we come together once a year on a attractive location for a company-wide gathering to celebrate our accomplishments. On top of that, we organize monthly breakfast gatherings for a morning chit-chat with your colleagues and an annual New Year theater show and gifts for the children of our employees ensuring a festive and family-friendly atmosphere.


Whether you're a coffee lover or a tea enthusiast, we've got your beverage needs covered with our wide selection.

Referral program

Discover the power of your network, refer others and join a rewarding journey with our referral bonus program.

Work equipment

We believe in equipping our team members with the tools they need to excel. When you join us, you can expect a setup that includes a high-quality laptop, keyboard, mouse, and headset. We go the extra mile by providing a comfortable backpack to carry your essentials and ensure that you have the perfect work environment with monitors, an adjustable table and ergonomic chair. Your comfort and productivity matter to us, and we're committed to empowering you with the right resources from day one.

Our people

Dusica Sanader

Senior Project Manager, Leasing Service Delivery

Nikola Jankovic

Software Architect and Security Owner, Leasing

Marija Delevic

Service Desk Manager, Customer Support

Janko Djukic

Software Developer, Leasing Projects & Product Delivery

Jelena Kostic

Administrative Manager

Selection process

As a candidate, you probably often wonder: What does the company truly value in its potential team members? Here in Tietoevry, we hold one quality above all others - CURIOSITY! It's not just a skill - it's a mindset that guides us every day in the ever-changing world of FinTech.

In FinTech, complexity may be the first impression, but curiosity is the secret superpower that unlocks it all. Trust us, it's an exciting field filled with endless opportunities! We invite you to be open, ask questions and dive into learning, knowing that we're here to provide unwavering support and abundant resources. With our carefully planned onboarding process, experienced mentors, and leaders, we guarantee that your first few months will be an exciting journey!

Before you consider joining us, let's introduce our core values: Openness. Trust. Diversity.

Openness - This isn't just a value - it's our way of life. To truly make a difference, we embrace new ideas and continually explore what can and should be done. Openness means sharing insights and knowledge openly, respecting others' opinions and expertise, and listening with an open mind. It's not just a nice-to-have; it's an absolute necessity in our journey.

Trust - Trust is at the heart of everything we do. It starts with each of us and extends to our colleagues and customers. The trust we cultivate binds us together and empowers us as individuals. 

Diversity - In our world, diversity is the driving force behind building sustainable solutions that truly address our customers' challenges. It's the fusion of diverse skills, capabilities, perspectives, knowledge, and ideas.

Join us, and you'll experience firsthand how these principles shape our every action and decision.


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