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We always look ahead and try to predict what will happen next and strongly believe that we can develop everything from scratch.

EON TV is just the first child, and our portfolio is wide and competitive with the largest IT companies. We have 14 product lines, which we develop end-to-end, mostly created for the telecommunications and media industries. Our domain is a whole new world! You can explore it with our experts and go deeply into video streaming, video delivery, Android TV, AI, complex media platforms, content security, and much more. That’s why it allows us to stand with Netflix and the other major industry giants. Technical expertise is something we live on every day. Here we have learning sessions, brown bags, meetups, etc. Our complex architecture allows gaining an open-minded, engineering mindset and goes deeply into software architecture. Developers, designers, products, and UX people, you are welcome to join us and bring your flavor to our community. Let’s grow together by inspiring everyone to do the best what they love the most.

All our innovative solutions are firmly supported by these 4 backbones:

• Software Development

• Product Management

• UX/UI Design

• Agile


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