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Utva Aircraft Industry was founded on June 5, 1937 and is dedicated to the designing, development and production of general aviation aircraft.

In addition to aircraft production we are also engaged in the production of weapons and military equipment, which is then installed in aircraft and combat systems, such as armored vehicles Lazar and Milos.

In our rich history, we are proud of producing several models of general aviation aircraft, such as Utva 60, Utva 66, Utva 75, which you can see around the world, as well as training systems – Lasta, Orao and G4.

Thanks to the satisfaction of our domestic and foreign customers, we have worldwide recognition for our safe, comfortable and durable aircraft, and we strive for constant progress.

Currently, Utva AI has aircraft Sova and Lasta in its production program. With our modern design and production concepts, we are making efforts to meet all current market requirements.

On February 28, 2017, the public company Jugoimport SDPR became the majority shareholder of the company Utva Aircraft Industry.

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