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We are a team of enthusiasts who take our jobs extremely seriously, just as serious as we take fun at work and our personal free time. We hate bossing around and bad energy. If you are responsible, don't need constant supervision and pressure to do your job, and yet you can fit in the team that loves joking with no limits and is very close and supportive to each other, we will be happy to have you and support you in acquiring new skills and knowledges.

We are cooperating with client such as: PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Earnts&Young, BMW, Mecedes, Deloit, banks in Czech Republic and Serbia, etc. 

For all of our employees, we have numrous benefits. 

Lets name just some of them: 

25 days of vacation, 


Mounthly budget for education,

Fitness centar near Vuk statue,

Private health insurance,

Great team, 

Friday parties,



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