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Xunison aspires to be the universal conduit for connected living. We offer unique, all-in-one devices, a SaaS management platform, IPTV/OTT services, and mobile applications that simplify and enhance smart homes, mobile entertainment, and other consumer and commercial connected services.

Quality comes first with our all-in-one BriteHub™ devices (Wi-Fi / Connectivity Management). When it comes to security, customers can rely on our BriteCare™ management platform. To keep consumer devices, information, and privacy safe, our BriteCare™ management platform offers strong access restrictions, data security, and network protection. Devices are preconfigured with easy-to-use BriteKey™ mobile and Android TV apps for easier management. Also, complete customization lets you promote your brand and offer smart home accessories to meet every need.

Our global team, based in Dublin, Ireland, blends new design with tried-and-true development and production methods to create adaptable, convenient solutions without sacrificing quality.

If you’re an ISP looking for high-growth, low-burden connected life solutions for your customers, say goodbye to compromise and say hello to Xunison.