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The Best Mobile Apps to Help you Learn Programming


Programming is a category of computer science where you study how to build desktop, mobile or web apps.

There are many programming languages today but as the IT industry is constantly changing, you must learn and practice on your own if you want to become a successful programmer.

If you are new to programming, you should start with basics and once you master basic concepts, you can move to more advanced topics. After you pass those topics, you can continue to design and write programs on your own.

In case you do not have a PC or a laptop, you can learn to develop apps or websites via your mobile phone with some of these free Android and iOS applications.



SoloLearn is one of the most popular apps to learn C++, Java, Python, SQL, CSS, HTML, C# etc. and has a largest collection of FREE code learning content.

Each part is divided into ‘chapters’ – after each chapter, you need to pass the knowledge quiz to move onto the next chapter. SoloLearn follows the best practice of a college online course where you can participate in forums or ask questions.

You can write and run real code in the mobile code editor, get ideas through real-life code samples, and engage in interactive community conversations throughout the way.

SoloLearn app gives an opportunity to users to leave their comments on each chapter and awards you with a certificate once you complete the course.

IT hosts a forum where you can discuss diverse topics with your fellow colleagues plus it provides a code play area where you can discover several programming quizzes enabling users to compile and run the quiz code.

SoloLearn has launched apps on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Source: play.google.com

Programming Hub

Programming Hub is a top-rated app for learning programming languages and as per its developers, you can learn up to 18 different languages.

Its main interface displays a list of languages where you can select the preferred language to learn – it offers complete courses with over 1800 programs and you can choose to learn at your own pace with the access to course materials no matter where you are, even offline.

Programming Hub helps you to build your programming skills with a game-like experience with interactive coding lessons for many languages like HTML, Javascript, C, C++, C#, Swift, Python, R Programming, Java, Artificial Intelligence, CSS, etc. for free.

Besides programming courses, coding examples and compilers, some other features include concept based illustrations and regular updates of course content.

Programming Hub was released in both versions Android and iOS but if you would like advanced features, you will have to pay and subscribe.

Source: programminghub.com


Enki is an award-winning app useful for both beginners and more skilled developers providing you with 20+ programming languages.

It acts as your personalized learning coach where you need to choose at least 2 topics to get started with the app – Enki organizes lessons into different levels: from beginners to experts giving you an opportunity to learn the parts you want.

With Enki, you can bookmark your lessons, leave comments/questions plus you can set a reminder for your learning lessons thus facilitating the entire learning process for you.

Enki supports a strong community and you can engage in discussions, team up with your friends or colleagues and track each other’s progress or share your favourite lessons with your preferred contacts.

Enki has versions in Android and iOS.


”Compared to free reading options this is structured, personalized content. Enki creates a 5-minute “workout” for software developers to learn important concepts in their spare time.”

Source: play.google.com


Pluralsight is a learning platform for you to build your tech skills where you can access 7000+ courses with ample of expert videos, downloadable content, certificate preparations and more.

Pluralsight covers many tech topics from software development (C++, C#, Java, Python, React etc.), Cloud Computing, AI and Machine Learning, IT Ops, Information Security and more.

You can bookmark the courses you like and come back to them later, even offline – no matter the device, your courses and progress are synced across devices. (Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, TV etc.) Users can organize, curate and share the content you find the most important or useful to you.

A great thing about the platform is that you can learn the right skill in the right order, as our colleague explains:

Ivan Skrobot, Zesium iOS Lead Engineer.

‘Pluralsight has a great concept as it maintains structure of a learning path, meaning course chapters follow the previous ones thus structuring your knowledge’

They feature some of today’s most in-demand conferences from Microsoft Ignite, THAT Conference, PluralSight LIVE and many others plus you can obtain a certificate where certification paths include: AWS, Azure, Office 365, CompTIA, VMware etc.

Pluralsight has both versions of mobile Android and iOS.

Source: play.google.com


CodeHub is a great way to browse and manage your GitHub repositories on any iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad).

You can keep an eye on your projects with an opportunity to view everything – from drawn requests to commenting on individual files in the most recent changeset.

Every course contains 50 lessons in total but you can always learn the course at your own pace.

Lessons are categorized into 4 levels and you can choose a category of your expertise if you have prior coding knowledge, giving you an option to skip the basics.

CodeHub is an open source platform striving to have all features of GitHub where you can create, update and filter your issues, repositories, source code and more in any way that suits you the best.

Repository and code allow you to view branches, and source code – you can star and pin the repositories to your menu for quick navigation or explore new repositories to add to your growing collection of great code.

You can use the app for free only for public repositories, yet if you wish access to private repositories, you will have to subscribe to CodeHub Pro.

Codehub is available in the iOS version and brings GitHub to your fingertips.

Source: apps.apple.com

Learn Programming

The Learn Programming app offers more than 70 programming languages however, it is different from PH and SL as it displays a list of functions, data types, keywords and definitions where on the top of the list is a search box.

When you enter the search keyword or choose an item from the list, the app provides the best results of the usage.

LP provides a sandbox section where you can test programs online and customize the appearance in its editor. You can also save programs after providing LP permission to save the same data in your phone due to privacy policy guidelines.

LP’s great feature is being an offline app, meaning you don’t have to go online to use it.

LP is a fully customizable Android app providing skills quizzes, simple statistics, interview questions, support etc. with an awarding system where you can earn points and more.

Source: play.google.com


Mimo can provide an effective way to learn coding of programming languages like Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, and more, even if you have no prior coding experience.

At Mimo has an interactive curriculum where you can learn code at your own pace – you can access coding lessons, coding tutorials, solve coding challenges, write a real code in Mimo’s code editor (works like an IDE and helps you to run code), compete with Mimo’s coding community and more.

Mimo is a well structured app that takes complex topics and divides them into smaller parts which are easier to use. Additionally, Mimo is motivating you to learn more as the ads are not too annoying.

Mimo also has Android and iOS versions available in the Stores.

Source: apps.apple.com

Codecademy Go

CodeAcademy Go is a mobile version of Codeacademy online courses and although it does not have quite the same features as the web platform, it is a great place to practice coding while away from your computer.

It provides you with lessons to practice coding syntax, apply your skills in your day-to-day operations as well as to maintain your streaks and track your own progress.

You can learn web development, data science, HTML & CSS, Python, SQL and more with CodeAcademy mobile app.

CodeAcademy Go has versions on both platforms, Android and iOS.

Source: apps.apple.com


Udemy is one of the largest platforms of online courses which you can use to grow professionally.

Udemy has an extensive library with more than 3400 topics from Coding, Development, Business, Marketing, SEO, Design and more.

You can attend their courses in over 65 languages and download courses so you can learn offline as well; you can set reminders for your learning schedule or make notes to maximize your learning path.

There is a possibility to get more interactive with knowledge check up through quizzes or just contact the instructions for your difficult questions for extra help.

Udemy is also a very robust platform for learning programming and they also have both mobile versions Android and iOS.

Source: play.google.com


Coursera is a learning platform but not solely focused on computer science but multiple skills across different industries like business (accounting, finance etc.), computer or data sciences (Java, mobile, AI, Machine Learning etc.), art (design, music etc.) or personal development (negotiation, public speaking etc.).

Coursera gives you the opportunity to learn from experts from world-class universities and companies like The Yale, University of Michigan, Google, IBM and more. You can attend free courses, obtain job skills or earn a university degree online with Coursera.

The Coursera app is free to download where you can enroll single or multi courses from $39 to $79 per month depending on your needs.

You can also access the lectures and downloadable videos in offline mode for maximizing your learning path.

Coursera also has both versions Android and iOS.

Source: apps.apple.com

Linkedin Learning (Lynda)

Linkedin Learning (formerly Lynda) is a Linkedin platform for learning for you to build your tech or creative skills with personalized recommendations and courses.

No matter if you want to strengthen your leadership skills, build a mobile app or software, Linkedin Learning provides expert-courses in programming, IT, leadership, marketing and much more.

You can access more than 4000 courses in business, tech or creative expertise, get personalized recommendations, download courses for offline viewing or save them for later time so you can learn at your own pace.

Linkedin Learning enables users to share courses or certificates with your network or add them to your Linkedin profile plus you will get access to Linkedin Premium networking tools and more.

The Linkedin Learning mobile app is free to download and comes in both versions, Android and iOS.

Source: androidauthority.com


Apps for learning programming are a great learning source and there are many options for both, beginners and more advanced programmers.

There are many more apps for programming that focus more on specific languages and you should check each of them to see which one suits your learning habits.

Do not rely solely on the apps for learning programming, but include them into your learning path as such apps can be an invaluable tool in the long run.

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