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Useful Meditation Apps to Help you Reduce Workplace Anxiety


Life had been quite stressful due to recent changes and anxiety can affect anyone of us. Negativity and stress at work can be caused by many elements, from tight deadlines to inability to resolve certain issues.

Prevalence of smartphones has led to an increase in well-being related apps – many of these apps help people deal with ordinary stressors or day-to-day mood issues through anxiety.

In this post, we will list some modern applications that can help you reduce negative energy and the stress caused by challenges in the workplace. That way you will be able to sooth your mind and restore your productivity.


Anti-stress apps are online applications that can help you to meditate and reduce stress and negative energy from your mind. Meditation is not a new term – it is an ancient practice that has been around for many centuries. As there are many applications on the market for various purposes, like educational apps or apps to help you improve specific skills, there are also meditation apps helping you to channel your stress and improve your well being.

Nowadays, the practice of meditation has changed. Today we have mobile applications that can provide with full-on sessions for meditation. These ant stress apps are also known as mind relaxing utilities.

Source: theinfoblog.com We have listed below some of the top-notch options in this league:


There are hundreds of anti stress games available on the Internet, but not all of them are as effective as the ones that are mentioned in this section:

Antistress, Relaxing, Anxiety & Stress Relief Game

Today, meditation practices exist in various formats. One of the popular ways of releasing stress is by playing mind relaxing games apps.

This relaxing game on Android application is very effective and reliable and ranked among the top antistress game apps available on the Playstore.

Some of the features this relaxing game meditation mobile app offers are:

  • Realistic 3D brain exercises
  • High quality relaxing sounds to release stress
  • 3D fidget toys
  • Calming Games
  • More than thirty different free games for mind relaxation and more.
If you are a user fond of playing online games, then this mobile app would definitely be a match for you. Source: mtv.com

Calm – Free meditation sessions for everyone

Calm is a very popular antistress application on the app store. This app stands out from the crowd because it offers simple and impressive meditation sessions to its users. If you want to get rid of stress in your workplace or increase focus on your work, you can rely on Calm.

There are multiple 10-minute sessions in this app that can help you to focus better at your workplace. Some of these sessions include:

Mindfulness meditation Spiritual meditation Movement meditation, Mantra meditation and more The basic meditation sessions of calm are free and are considered to be best for a person who is facing minor anxiety.

Source: businessofapps.com

Headspace – The ultimate breathing exercise and antistress app!

Headspace is another antistress mobile app designed to relieve stress both physically and mentally. It provides you with plenty of breathing exercises, meditation sessions, and fun exercises which can help you reduce stress.

Headspace offers you different kinds of techniques for free, including:

Diaphragmatic breathing Breath Focus technique Lion’s Breath Equal breathing coherent breathing etc.

Breathing is known to be one of the top keys for dealing with stress and anxiety. If you share the same viewpoint, try out this application and see whether it works for you!

Source: headspace.com

Aura – Emotion, Stress, & Sleep Management expert!

Aura mobile app is best for self-care for people of all ages, improving your sleep cycle and relieving stress. There are many good things about this mind relaxing games app that makes it a popular choice for readers from all across the globe:

The app provides personalization preferences. You are not bugged with default sounds and sessions. You can get customized meditations according to your mood It offers a free version. It has a very simple and intuitive UI! Aura allows you to select your preferences and provides you with automatic sessions and activities for relaxation. As a user, you might not be able to select the right session for you but you can surely tell the application what mood you are in.

In this Covid pandemic, Aura is also providing free sessions for three months which provides users with plenty of time to try it out!

Simple Habit

Simple Habit is another mobile application that is most suitable for busy lifestyles – you can tune in when you wake up, even while driving or going to sleep.

IT was said to be a number #1 wellness mobile app and was recommended by top psychologists and mental health experts.

You are given a choice of a 5-minute meditation guided by the world’s best experts, you can track your progress with Mindful Minutes and access your meditations offline with Premium Subscription to be able to meditate at any time.

The app lists a variety of benefits like improved focus, better sleep, reduction of stress, increased sense of perspective and more. The app also offers both versions, Android and iOS.


We’ve provided you with a list of a few top meditation apps that can help you to get rid of stress accumulated at the workplace.

Maintaining your mental health is important as it can affect your overall health so make sure to try out some of the meditation apps and see if any suits your own needs!

Guest Blog Author: Aneeq Choudhary

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