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Milica Vujcic
Talent Relation & Recruiting Specialist
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Milica Vujcic
Talent Relation & Recruiting Specialist
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Zühlke Engineering

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Zühlke is a global innovation service provider. We envisage ideas and create new business models for our clients by developing services and products based on new technologies – from the initial vision through development to deployment, production and operation. We specialize in strategy and business innovation, digital solutions and application services – in addition to device and systems engineering. Our outstanding solutions provide unique business value and a reliable foundation for sustained success.

Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 1i, Novi Beograd, Srbija
+381 11 442 6700

About us

Zühlke – Empowering Ideas.

We believe that innovation and technology are a positive force of change for business and society. We support our clients to envision and create a sustainable future.

We were founded in Switzerland in 1968 and we are a global innovation service provider. Our 1300 employees are based in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hong Kong, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

The Belgrade office is eight years old, gathers 150+ smart and inspiring colleagues, and keeps expanding!

REady and REcharge comp&ben options are a revolutionary system invented to offer a flexible workplace for our employees. By selecting one of our options, you can perfectly balance work and private life as you like! Need more time with your family? Want to finish your studies? Or are you ready to hustle more and earn more? No worries, we got you covered. With our flexible comp&ben options, we place the power of decision in your hands.

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Tech stack

Java Spring .NET C# MS SQL MySQL MongoDB AngularJS JavaScript TypeScript NodeJS Angular Aurellia React C C++ QT Embedded Linux Xamarin Android iOS Hololens Unity IOT Blockchain Quality Assurance DevOps Azure AWS GCP Docker Kubernetes Chatbots Intellij Idea Visual Studio Resharper VS Code/Idea Jenkins Teamcity Octopus Deploy Azure Devops Apache


Open feedback culture Remote work REady and REcharge comp&ben options Career path opportunities Flexible working hours Training and development budget International assignments up to 1 year Referral bonuses Private health insurance Gift coupons for wedding NY show and gift coupons for kids 100% paid maternity leave Soft skills workshops Gym/FitPass Equipment buyout Team building events Fruits, coffee, juices

Our people


Irena Katrina

Expert Software Engineer

‘A bit more than two years ago, I was warmly welcomed into the open-minded culture of Zühlke. From the start, I was impressed by its open learning culture and working atmosphere. I find it rewarding to work with many talented people on exciting projects. I found feedback culture very helpful in personal development and teamwork. For me, sensible work-life balance is important, and I find that Zühlke's work packages are a great benefit. For the first time in my career, I felt that I am in charge of my personal development. With the company's support, I was able to define my goals, assess strong suits, and identify any areas that might need extra work. Building on this, with continuous training and career development opportunities I feel that I grew a lot professionally. I find my work satisfying and Zühlke a great employer and work opportunity.’

Nikola Jandrić

Expert Software Engineer

‘Right from the beginning of my journey in the company, I knew that Zühlke is a great match for me. Starting with a very concise and structured interview process, with fast feedback loops, through warm welcome and carefully planned onboarding, gave me the impression of a highly organized company carrying very much about their employees. These impressions have not proven me wrong, even more, after 4 years in a company, I am still feeling high appreciation for being part of it. Over the years, I have been working on various projects, covering different industries, processes, and technology. Even they are completely different from one another, they all have in common an extremely high level of complexity, which implies that deliveries must be on the same level. For me, the most challenging one was my first project withing Zühlke, where we were working on software for the next generation of hospital devices for one of the biggest companies in the field. This was an amazing experience. I learned a lot, and it gave me a completely new perspective on software development. Behind every great story is an excellent storyteller. The same applies to the projects, they would be nothing without a wonderful team, but making such one is not an easy task. For sure, it helps when people have great expertise in certain areas, but diversities make them even better. Working alongside colleagues from different countries across the world brings completely new team dynamics and energy, especially when you know that you are all on the same mission.’

Sofija Miljković

Lead Project Manager

‘Zühlke is striving to offer flexible options to their employees, having in mind the different needs of people. For this year, I have chosen the REcharge package, as one of my personal goals was to nurture my work-life balance, practice mindfulness and focus on personal goals as well. I appreciated additional days of vacation and will probably in the next period use the opportunity to work 60-80% of the regular working time when the time comes to focus more on my newly started family. There are many things that I love about Zühlke, but for this purpose, I would emphasize the top three things that make me happy to be part of this company: 1. Being able to learn and grow through a huge variety of opportunities and experiences –working with different industries, with different countries, and different clients – from startups to large enterprise companies. It allows me to gain a whole specter of experiences, similar to working in many different companies, but always having one common thing –Zühlke values and culture. 2. Investment in people’s growth – throughout courses and training, but also intentional learning opportunities, like being assigned to a stretch role on the project, having a project mentor, or getting valuable feedback on your work from your colleagues. 3. Empowering and stimulating environment, by being surrounded by colleagues who are great at what they do and always trying to improve themselves. By having a culture of mutual support, open opportunities and “learn and grow from failure” rather than judgment.’

Our stories

  • 8 years, 150 people, 1 team- Welcome to Zühlke Serbia

    One more milestone has been reached. A very few days before our 8th birthday, Zühlke Serbia welcomed the 150th team member.


  • How to become a successful DevOps engineer

    What is DevOps? How big an impact does it have? What are the main skills one should have working as a DevOps on a project? (više)

  • From Switzerland and Serbia to Clouds

    Join us for a Cloud gathering with our experts! On October 4, 2021 from 6 pm CEST on, our Cloud experts Christian Tschenett and Milan Milanović will share their insights on how to start a career in Cloud technology and will show you what stands behind a Cloud solution for 20 million mobile devices. (više)

  • What to expect as a tech lead

    What does the path to becoming a tech lead look like? What is the impact of bad tests? What are the values of a technological company? (više)

  • Global Crisis as an Inspiration for Success

    Interview: Marko Simić, Business Partner at Global delivery centres of the Zühlke Group (više)

  • From self-taught to professional software engineer at Zühlke in Serbia

    From chess to coding (više)

  • Inspiring change in software development

    How does work in large software development teams function? What are the advantages of keeping up with new technologies? How important is personal development in this line of work? (više)

  • 7 tips for effective leadership in software development

    How can one switch to a different field of work in software development? What are the necessary leadership qualities your team needs? What are the key factors in running a company successfully and bringing in new work? (više)

  • 6 tips for making an impact in software development

    What is the value of setting concepts when programming? How can you lead a self- organizing team? What is the next big thing in the world of software development? (više)

  • How can you successfully navigate your career in software engineering?

    What kind of companies can you work for as a software developer? How can you evolve throughout your career? What are the skills you need to fit into any work environment? (više)


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    Java Software Engineer

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    Embedded Software Engineer Intern

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    Software Developer
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    Software Engineer
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    1100 2500

    Solution Architect
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    2800 EUR / mesečno
    2800 2800

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