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Hi, we're smartocto!  

We're basically the smartest editorial analytics system in the world. We are the masters of actionability. We believe that the solution to being data-informed isn't just to bring more data into the organisation. Our mission is to optimise your output, so you can be more relevant, impactful and profitable. With metrics going far beyond the standard pageviews and reach, we offer analytics on loyalty, engagement, impact and more, to connect the dots between online publishers and their audience.   From our offices in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and Novi Sad (Serbia), we currently service over 350 newsrooms around the world with real-time insights, historical reports and smart notifications. Placing the story at the center of it all, we empower content creators to reach their audience and turn their online effort into profit.   

We make every story count.  

Visit our website to read more: https://bit.ly/33Znfp1 

& don't hestitate to contact us: https://bit.ly/3u8f8RM


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