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Over two decades P3 has grown worldwide to become a well-established market player.’ P3 offers interdisciplinary competencies in technical consulting, services, project, configuration, and quality management, as well as technical expertise. We cluster our expert knowledge from different areas to enable our customers worldwide. Furthermore, we provide Engineering and Consultancy excellence in numerous sectors, from Aerospace to Automotive, Telecommunications to Technical Documentation to name but a few. We enable our clients to succeed in their business by delivering tangible value. P3 is a global network of innovative and creative experts, serving customers in five different industries. Our success results from expertise and enthusiasm possessed by our employees. We consider them as the valuable asset. At P3 Serbia, there are 11 teams and over 200 people permanently employed. We consider us as a great family. How is it possible? ​As all other families we support each other, we rely on each other, we help each other and we get connected to each other. Why? Developing a sense of team spirit increases happiness, satisfaction, motivation, and even self-performance. ​We trust in P3ople.

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