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Our Team Buildings - Spring Event 2018

Is there a unique ability to weave a magic spell over employees with the perfect combination of music, communication, networking and pure fun? I absolutely believe there is if you know them well. P3 Serbia Event team has got precious few opportunities throughout the year to organize some such as Spring Event, Family day and Christmas or Winter party. It is a great opportunity for us to join a giant team building. A time to involve all of us in fun interaction with other colleagues. It does not necessarily mean that we organize a pure corporate entertainment which includes only a day of team building activities. It is more about the team chemistry, identifying our strengths and characteristics. Our Spring Event lasts 3 days. On the first day we have a cocktail party with all colorful icy drinks reminding of dynamic spring, tasty craft beer and sodas. One of our symbols is a kicker, so we organize a kicker tournament. While meeting new people, networking with others, talking and laughing, taking photos, we don’t spend time, we invest it because we create memories. On the second day we have a big party at an attractive location with a band signing mainstem hits and DJ, the life and soul of the party, making us burn up the dance floor. We dance the night away and sing while greeting the dawn. After getting off the cloud 9 and taking a rest for a while, we have all day long BBQ at Ada lake with various sports activities on the third day. These activities include traditional ones like bike tour, football, volleyball, basketball etc. Our goal of team building along with corporate entertainment is to make employees come up with the idea that the challenges of these activities are in relation to the workplace. It is all about understanding how to get involved within the team and act, since reflecting the same positive energy always makes fruitful team building. However, our company events are much more than just a exciting time for employees to gather. They help validate real team spirit, promote creativity, boost morale, and bring our teams closer together. Team building events such as this break down walls and barriers. Sometimes there is a gap among the employees. We try to diminish it by providing everyone a place outside of work to get to know each other. We promote creativity. Taking a team outside their ordinary surroundings and putting them into a new environment makes them think outside the box. It allows interacting. Because some of the employees cooperate with people in various departments, but they haven’t met before, so this is a great opportunity for meeting in person and collaborating on ideas and views. This can spark creativity and new original ideas which they can bring back to the office on Monday morning. ​ To sum up, after team building like this one productivity will certainly go through the roof. Productive teams are one of the main drivers of success in the business so this is the reason to organize a company event in order to create office heroes. (photo: P3 Event team)