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P3 P3ople spent a P3rfect day

My team members and me had an exciting project to prepare for 23rd of September. We had to organize a day for all our colleagues and their families, pets. They were also invited to join us alone, our mission was to create memorable experiences with something for everyone. Events such as these allow people to bond in a friendly way, having a lot of fun, family setting etc. Most events require some theming. Be it a company anniversary celebration or an annual event, or even one just like ours, the idea is always the same, to provide fun for everybody. We wanted to define appropriate levels of event theming for our big day. Interaction among us with real fun and effective outdoor activities added so much to our Family Day Event. The list and options were endless, but later on we decided which we were going to focus on. We provided various Games, Horse-back & Carriage riding, Archery, Football matches, Valleyball, etc. But, the most we were focused on were the youngster ones, the kids of our P3 crew. We wanted to make that day unforgettable for them. So, we had 14 animators, actors, sportmen/women, clowns, make-up artists etc. We know that we were successful since we could see a smile in there faces all day long. Their smile means to us tons. With a lot of great food, good drink, funny and relaxed chat, we had our Family Day at Salas 137, away from Belgrade, away from work on that day, just wanting to share that day altogether. Visit the company profile.