Software Engineer (.NET)

Zuhlke Engineering d.o.o.  •  Beograd  • Rok: 10.12.2016

As for technical experience, we require knowledge in the following areas: 1+ years of professional experience in software development, understanding of OOP concepts, UML and design patterns... (pročitaj oglas)

Software Engineer – AMS

Zuhlke Engineering d.o.o.  •  Beograd  • Rok: 10.12.2016

Strong .NET or Java technical skills, understanding concepts of agile methodologies and tools used to support them... (pročitaj oglas)

Linux inženjer

NetCast d.o.o.  •  Beograd  • Rok: 25.12.2016

Poznavanje i iskustvo u radu sa: iptables i ufw, Apache httpd, Apache Tomcat, Bind, Postfix, Dovecot, haproxy, NFS, mysql, ... (pročitaj oglas)

Technical Lead

TomTom  •  Beograd  • Rok: 25.12.2016

A wizard in embedded C/C++ software development, experience of real time operating systems... (pročitaj oglas)

Java Software Engineer

Coing  •  Novi Sad  • Rok: 29.12.2016

A minimum of 2 years' commercial experience in Java software development, using the full Java application stack... (pročitaj oglas)

Full Stack Developer

QA Cube d.o.o.  •  Novi Sad  • Rok: 24.12.2016

Several years of experience as a Software Developer, Advanced knowledge of Java Enterprise Technologies, Spring stack, Advanced knowledge of FE stack (Angular,JS, JavaScript, React)... (pročitaj oglas)

Java Developer

QA Cube d.o.o.  •  Novi Sad  • Rok: 24.12.2016

Minimum 2 years of experience as a Java Developer, academic degree (IT Engineer) or comparable job experience... (pročitaj oglas)

Linux Administrator with PostgreSQL Knowledge

Levi9 IT Services  •  Beograd, Novi Sad  • Rok: 24.12.2016

Experience with PostgreSQL (preferred) or MySQL database administration – accepted candidate would be in-depth trained into PostgreSQL database administration... (pročitaj oglas)

Full Stack Web Developer

Kolosek  •  Novi Sad  • Rok: 09.12.2016

Studenti završnih godina (kvalitetnih) računarskih smerova na fakultetu su dobrodošli. (nije svaki fakultet isti)... (pročitaj oglas)

Java Developer

Sobot d.o.o.  •  Beograd  • Rok: 24.12.2016

Relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, 5+ years of development experience in Java or Java related code... (pročitaj oglas)

Junior Bioinformatics Engineer

Seven Bridges Genomics  •  Beograd  • Rok: 24.12.2016

have a strong background in computer science or related field, be highly motivated and willing to learn about molecular biology and genetics... (pročitaj oglas)

Bioinformatics Engineer

Seven Bridges Genomics  •  Beograd  • Rok: 24.12.2016

Be highly motivated to learn about biological aspects of the problem. Be proficient in at least one programming language (2+ years)... (pročitaj oglas)

Data Visualization Engineer

Seven Bridges Genomics  •  Beograd  • Rok: 24.12.2016

Be familiar with visualization tools in javascript (e.g. D3, WebGL, Three.js) and have the ability to produce interactive applications that display very large data sets responsively... (pročitaj oglas)

Java Developer

Enlight IT sourcing d.o.o.  •  Novi Sad  • Rok: 09.12.2016

At least 3 years of experience in software development, strong development skills in Java and Spring framework, experience using SQL Server and Transact SQL... (pročitaj oglas)

Software Developer .NET / C#

TeleTrader d.o.o.  •  Beograd  • Rok: 24.12.2016

Experience in .NET / C#, good knowledge of OOP, algorithms and data structures, basic knowledge of relational databases and SQL... (pročitaj oglas)

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