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Oglas je preuzet sa sajta poslodavca i sajt HelloWorld ne garantuje njegovu ažurnost.

Android Engineer

Bending Spoons




Android Engineer


Commitment & Contract

Full-time, permanent (tempo indeterminato).


Our HQ is in downtown Milan, but you'll be working from the comfort of your home.

Compensation & Benefits

Generous, top of market, and moreover can grow very rapidly and include stock options, depending on performance. You’ll receive the latest Mac, iPhone, and wireless noise-canceling Bose headset, as well as any software you might need to perform at your best.


With tens of millions of active users and hundreds of thousands of daily downloads, we’re Europe’s leading iOS app developer. Now we’re setting our sights on taking the Play Store by storm. With a new frontier to conquer, we’re looking for a passionate, talented, and experienced native Android Developer eager to join the Android team to help migrate our app portfolio remotely.

A few examples of your responsibilities:

  • Migrate our portfolio of world-renowned iOS apps to the most recent Android version, making them available to a whole new user base.
  • Contribute to the product development of the apps you’ll work on. We’re all about taking a proactive role and ownership of your work.
  • Help define the software architecture of entire apps or new features—and then develop them. The work spans a broad range, from engineering and coding features, to polishing world-class user interfaces.
  • Constantly improve the quality of our products by fixing bugs and refactoring the code base where necessary, as well as adding that WOW factor to put a smile on our users’ faces.
  • Stay up to speed with new technologies (particularly on Android), and test the promising ones to make sure we don’t miss out on game-changing opportunities.

What We Offer

  • Huge impact. You’ll be working on apps used by millions of people all around the world. The quality of your work will make a decisive difference—both to the users and to Bending Spoons as a whole.
  • Talented, knowledgeable colleagues. You’ll get the chance to learn from—and teach —some of the brightest and most skilled people you’ll ever meet. Your talent is going to blossom here.
  • Cool tech stack. We strive to use the best, most modern tools and technologies, and when they fall short of our expectations we invent our own. It’s a geek’s paradise.
  • Own products. We don’t work for clients—we only develop our own apps. Freed from client-provider politics, we can move fast and be daring.
  • International reach. Our audience is truly international. Our company language is English. We’re a global force and your work will have worldwide exposure.

What We Look For

  • Passion for the topic. You have a long-standing, proven passion for developing native Android apps.
  • Reasoning and depth of learning. You’re structured and creative enough to solve most challenging problems independently, given the necessary knowledge. You learn new concepts and skills rapidly, and love to nerd out and go in-depth.
  • Drive. You’re energetic, hard-working, and persevere through adversity until the job is done—and done well. You’re massively into getting results, and always aim for excellence in what you do.
  • Curiosity and initiative. You love exploring and you’re entrepreneurial in seeking out new opportunities and testing ideas of your own accord. You seek—you don’t just wait to be told what to do.
  • A knack for UX and attention to detail. You care about developing quality user experiences, and notice the details that make a difference. You get a kick out of making a UI or an animation just perfect.
  • Diligence, organization. You can be entrusted with responsibilities big and small.
  • Humility. You’re down to earth, eager to listen to feedback and constructive criticism, and ready to get your hands dirty with whatever the team needs to succeed.
  • Proficient in English. You read, write, and speak fluently in English.
  • Availability. We work 9-6 GMT+1. Our schedule is flexible, but we prefer to work together most of the time. That’s why you should live somewhere with a similar timezone—between GMT-2 and GMT+3.

Deadline for applications: 31.07.2022.

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