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Back-end Developer

Rail Estate d.o.o.

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Polazak is a Serbian journey-planning platform. Our database incorporates the complete timetable dataset of Serbian suburban, inter-city and international bus and railway licenses. We invest substantial efforts to improve the quality of our reference data through regular cooperation and systematic data verification with bus operators and station managers. Our current activities are focused on the collection of international timetable data based on mutual agreements with each bus operator. In order to provide a real global service, our IT system and data-processing methods follow the standards and principles established by the technical documents of TAP TSI. Our aim is to be part of a wider regional or global project as a reliable partner for providing local timetables, reservations, and tariff data of all transport modes. The Polazak public website, as well as our Red Voznje (timetable) application are the easiest ways to reach the Serbian passenger market either by ticket sale or by targeted advertisement.


As a Back-End Developer, you’ll be responsible for crafting and maintaining high-performance APIs on the cloud.


Our ideal candidate is someone who understands the business in an object-oriented manner, able to craft working proof of concepts and put them into production. For new project you have free choice of IT stack unless it's not open source and efficient to tackle the requirements.

  • Develop back-end APIs
  • Set up IT automations
  • Fix and improve legacy solutions


  • Familiar with one or more of the following languages:
    • PHP
    • Python
    • Golang
    • NodeJS
  • Familiar with most of following stacks:
    • MySql/Postgresql
    • MongoDB/Firebase
    • RabbitMQ
    • Redis
    • Memcached
    • Docker/Kubernetes
    • Git
    • REST/gRPC
    • HTTP2
  • Continue to pay attention to new topics and new technologies in the industry. Cloud native!
  • Good command of English
  • The ability to work independently without round-the-clock supervision
  • Adaptable, meticulous, innovative, independent and self-motivated, with good


Our recruiters are professionals. You will receive valuable feedback, even on coding tests. The usual interview process takes one week. Steps:

  • Have a call with corporate recruitment. (20min)
  • Have a call with an IT specialist of the field (1 hour)
  • Completing home assignments (max 10 hours)
  • A call with the CEO (30min)
  • Receive an offer letter (1 min)
Job listing has expired.
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