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Blockchain Engineer

Trace Labs



At Trace Labs, blockchain engineers are individuals who have had the opportunity to create smart contracts or build blockchains with a significant level of robustness and visible track record.


  • Experience with writing smart contracts in Solidity, Vyper, or Ink!
  • Experience with Web3.js and accompanying tooling (Truffle, Ganache, etc.)
  • Passion about blockchain technology and understanding of decentralization principles
  • High English language proficiency
  • Strong computer science fundamentals, including data structures, algorithms, and distributed systems

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Hyperledger development
  • Rust and Substrate experience
  • Experience with other programming languages or frameworks (such as Node.js)
  • Your responsibilities would include:
  • Delivering high quality, impactful solutions for clients and the OriginTrail ecosystem
  • Collaborating within and across various implementation teams
  • Managing individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables
  • Learning and researching Web3 technologies on an ongoing basis
  • Engaging in planning, development, and documentation activities in the context of an international scrum team

We offer:

  • The opportunity to research and implement OriginTrail and blockchain technologies directly with global companies
  • A competitive compensation package
  • Hands-on experience with novel technologies in the domain of peer-to-peer networks, blockchain, knowledge graph, and decentralized applications
  • Great environment and resources for professional growth
  • Access to educational resources, events, and conferences
  • Flexible working hours

About Trace Labs

Trace Labs seeks to promote a sustainable, equitable, and fair future for individuals and businesses through the power of shared knowledge and human-centric, trust-enhancing technology. We value data privacy, digital sovereignty, and enabling conscious choices on how and with whom people and organizations share their valuable data. That is why we are building a next-generation, decentralized data sharing infrastructure based on open source, privacy-enhancing, human-first principles to achieve a Web3 vision in the wide context of supply chains.

To do this, we use a unique stack of technologies:

OriginTrail Technology, including the Decentralized Knowledge Graph, which is hosted on the open permissionless OriginTrail decentralized network. The network operates on the basis of the OriginTrail protocol, which is rooted in blockchains, such as Ethereum and Polkadot. We are evolving the technology together with the OriginTrail community on the principles of open source development and guided by community-developed technical RFCs and discussions through the Trace Alliance Working Groups.

The Network Operating System, The Network Operating System, built to support the Web3 application layer in seamlessly integrating semantic data across existing enterprise networks utilizing the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph as a trusted integration layer,

Open standards and frameworks such as the Self-Sovereign Identity framework, GS1, and W3C standards, some of which we contribute to through the standards working groups.

Our partners include organizations such as Parity, DigitalOcean, Oracle, British Standards Institution, GS1, the Next Generation Internet initiative, EVRYTHNG, Kakaxi, and many others. Our offices are located in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Belgrade (Serbia), and Hong Kong, but the right people can join us remotely as well.

What would your day at Trace Labs be like?

As part of Trace Labs, you will have the unique opportunity to research and utilize the above-mentioned state-of-the-art technology in order to build solutions on a daily basis. Because technical novelty requires constant learning, over the years, we’ve become big fans of scrum, self-organizing teams, and evolving solutions from proof of concepts to complete production-ready systems. This usually involves working together with researchers from relevant industries, research institutions, and communities. That means we mostly communicate and document our work in English and are big fans of globally recognized standards, such as GS1 and W3C as well as engineering best practices, such as using the NASA technology readiness level scale.

Applied learning is what we value the most, as this increases the knowledge of the whole organization. You will most likely be engaged in hands-on implementation projects with our partners and clients.

Deadline for applications: 19.12.2021.

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O Kompaniji Poslovi

Osnovana 2013. godine, Trace Labs započela je sa primenom sistema sledljivosti za kompanije za preradu hrane u Evropi. Da bi rešili pitanja poverenja u lance snabdevanja, prvi put su predstavili blockchain tehnologiju 2016. godine i od tada kreću u razvoj univerzalnih rešenja za razmenu podataka za povećanje poverenja u lance snabdevanja. 2017. godine ušli su u Valmart Food Innovation Pipeline i dobili su Valmart Innovation Spark Avard.

Da bi podržali skalabilnost za slučajeve upotrebe lanca snabdevanja, dizajnirali su i lansirali OriginTrail protokol zasnovan na Ethereum-u. Sa ugrađenom logikom globalnih standarda podataka, sistem podržava univerzalnu razmenu podataka (interoperabilnost), a povezuje, a ne zamenjuje stare IT sisteme (međusobna povezanost) i obezbeđuje nepromenljivost podataka korišćenjem blockchain tehnologije (integritet).

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