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Brand / UI Designer

Chili Piper



Company description

Chili Piper is a B2B SaaS startup. We fuel today’s high-growth revenue teams. And our advanced routing and booking software make it possible for sales and marketing teams to book meetings instantly and generate more revenue while spending less.

We’re a certified unicorn breeder™ with amazing customers like RingCentral, Airbnb, Square, Intuit, Spotify, Twilio, and many other cool logos.

We’re growing fast. And we don’t mean that in the cliché way. We are sitting on fresh rounds of funding, and are ready to take over the world (in the most civil and appropriate way possible, of course).

Job Description

Our design team is still growing. Right now we’ve been working on taking over first touch experience of our customers, rebranding and redefining our design materials so we’re looking for you to help us in this exciting adventure!

If your head is full of crazy ideas - this is a place for you. In Chili Piper you can go crazy with any type of designs, we love to experiment and find new ways to develop our brand and all visual assets. Experimentation will also guide your efforts in working with our Demand Generation team, where you will design, explore and optimize product site, landing pages and other marketing campaigns!

You won’t be bored - your day can be filled with a bunch of different kinds of tasks, starting with the visual aspects, having input on the product app and also animations if that is in your interest and skills!

Responsibilities and what you will do:

  • Help our excellent Marketing Team with preparing eye catching design materials
  • Work closely with our Demand Generation team and be a key part in the experimentation process for our marketing sites
  • You’ll consider existing insights, technical constraints, business needs, and specific market demands to produce data-informed solutions for target audiences.
  • Help our Design Team with unifying new visual brand guidelines and creating standards
  • Designing outstanding landing pages
  • Iterate and optimize designs based on insights and learnings from test results.
  • Prototyping and quickly generating ideas
  • [Optionally] Creating animation
  • [Optionally] If that's what you want to get better at, Implementing/editing landing pages in Webflow
  • And much more!

You will be great in the role if:

  • You are fluent in Figma (both design and prototyping mode)
  • You are familiar with experimentation and conversion optimization principles / process and tools. You can set hypotheses and argument what you want to make an impact on and how.
  • Ideally with 3-5 years of experience working in a creative side / design team or freelancing
  • You know the design principles (typography, working with colors, using grids, proportion rules, etc.)
  • A sense for user experience (user-tests, customer journey, personas) and interaction design
  • You’re familiar with photo editing (Photoshop but not necessarily)
  • You can do magic with vectors (Figma, Illustrator)
  • You’re familiar with visual design systems (building scalable design library for teams to use)
  • [Optionally] You know the printing basics (and how to prepare for printing)
  • [Optionally] You can create some animations in After Effects
  • [Optionally] You have some experience with illustrations

Additional Information

How We Work

  • Freedom and flexibility. We’re a 100% distributed team working from around the world. Our team members can work from wherever they want in the world, as long as they show up on our weekly all hands meeting on Zoom.
  • Solve interesting problems. The software landscape has exploded. There are dozens of solutions for each problem. We want to be different. We come up with new angles on existing problems or invent better solutions to help companies with their sales and marketing. Then we turn these ideas into beautiful, smart software.
  • Autonomy and ownership. Working on a distributed team means you don’t have someone micromanaging you or looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re getting things done. We’re a team of do-ers who take full ownership for their results.
  • Be helpful. Our first value as a company is help. Help our customers be successful. Help our prospects get the right information and make the right decision whether or not it includes our products. Help our team members reach their full potential.

The Perks

  • Unlimited Vacation
  • 50% Women in Leadership
  • Generous Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • WeWork membership so you can work from anywhere
  • Any equipment/software/tech that you need to do your job

Upoznaj kompaniju Chili Piper

O Kompaniji

Chili Piper je paket automatizovanih alata za planiranje koji pomažu timovima prihoda brže da pretvore više potencijalnih klijenata u kvalifikovane sastanke.

Njihov inteligentni Concierge proizvod nudi jednostavan način potencijalnim klijentima da rezervišu sastanak ili započnu telefonski poziv odmah nakon podnošenja obrasca na vašoj veb lokaciji.

Za razliku od tradicionalne metode upravljanja dolaznim potencijalnim klijentima, Chili Piper koristi pametna pravila za kvalifikovanje i distribuciju potencijalnih klijenata u realnom vremenu. Njihov softver takođe omogućava kompanijama da automatizuju primopredaju olova sa SDR na AE i rezervišu sastanke iz marketinških kampanja i događaja uživo.

Kompanije poput Skuare, Tvilio, DiscoverOrg, Spotifi i Forrester koriste Chili Piper kako bi stvorili neverovatno iskustvo za svoje potencijalne klijente, a zauzvrat dvostruku količinu potencijalnih klijenata pretvore u održane sastanke.

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