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Developer Advocate




About The Position

ScyllaDB is the developer of open source real time, big data database.

The position’s goal is to grow the Scylla users community by creating and manage technical content for our users, customers and developers.

Developers are the key to our success. We seek to make them happy, productive and fall in love with our technology. From discovery to getting started and eventually deep dives to any level of depth, all the aspects of engagement should be covered by our technical collateral. Successful engagement will encourage community members and Scylla employees to contribute more content and thus reach scale. It will create a better technology/product experience, knowledge sharing, and education.

Successful engagement will encourage community members and Scylla employees to contribute more content and thus reach scale.

This position combines the ability to explain and appeal to the developer community with content creation and production. We are looking for creative and technological people with a passion and good connections with people from the industry and with a strong desire to distribute and embed our technology among the developing communities and lead it.

On a day to day basis, the developer Advocate will work with the product, developer and marketing teams.


  • 3+ years experience in software development and working closely with developer audiences.
  • Experience in writing technical blog posts or similar content.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Active participant on social media platforms Confident and competent to weigh in on developer-oriented forums ( StackOverflow, Hacker News, etc.)
  • Ability to work independently, most chances you’ll work remote
  • Active contributor to open source projects.
  • Polyglot Developer. Can find his way in any common programming language.


  • Experience with NoSQL Databases.
  • Experience in presenting technical content in webinar, conferences
  • Full Stack Developer.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Build cool examples applications, demonstrating a different aspects of the product
  • Promote and grow large projects with community involvement.
  • Develop new projects that provide functionality for our end users and an even wider audience of other database projects.
  • Build and create community sites for the company.
  • Demonstrate the products and explain through presentations and lectures, blogs and discussions on social networks.
  • Attending various professional conferences, exhibitions, and technological events.
  • A strong presence on prominent channels in social networks relevant to developers.
  • Work closely with the product department.
  • Help to improve the product Documentation, sales material, and other content

Join the Scylla team that builds the Database Monster and enjoy a fun and inspiring culture.

Work with exceptionally talented people around the globe and be part of a remote and friendly work culture.

Deadline for applications: 11.02.2022.

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U ScillaDB pažljivo primenjuju znanje sa niskog nivoa na svojoj tehnologiji velikih podataka. Strukture podataka se mere da ne bi prelazile kešline CPU-a, umesto prekida koriste se pokretački moduli ankete, pristupi disku se mere za pojačavanje pisanja i keš memorije moraju biti otporne na skeniranje. Ponosni su na svoj vlastiti planer zadataka i zaobilaženje TCP / IP jezgra. Pristaju na najnovije verzije C ++ 14 i gcc5.1 za najnovije i najbolje i sanjamo o robnoj trajnoj memoriji sa slučajnim pristupom.

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