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Career at Superside?

Do you want to work remotely in a diverse and distributed team in EMEA & LATAM and have a big impact on a product? Do you want to be part of a high-growing scaleup that delivers both a combined service and software platform to brands like Facebook, Amazon, Shopify, and Coinbase and help them organize their creative workflows better? We are looking for new members to join us and build the platform for modern creative work!

Our story

Superside was founded in 2015 and is backed by Y Combinator, Slack Fund, Freestyle Capital, and High Alpha Capital. The company is scaling rapidly and grew over 340% the last year, and are looking forward to continuing the ride towards becoming a unicorn.

Demand for digital content has exploded with the rapid growth of online advertising and social media. Design and creative have become a huge bottleneck for marketing teams. Marketing teams at large companies often have inefficient processes for managing fast-frequency, iterative creative production. Many companies are still stuck in the TV era (e.g. 1 big campaign per quarter) and not properly set up to handle the large-scale creative production required online, where hundreds of micro-campaigns and thousands of individual assets are needed every month. Design and creative therefore often becomes a bottleneck in these marketing teams, reducing speed of execution and ultimately slowing company growth.

The Superside software and service helps them “un-bottleneck” creative, and ultimately lets the marketing team move much faster, knowing that with a Superside partnership there is almost no chance of missing a deadline. Superside has recruited 250 of the best creatives in the world, from top creative agencies only, working together remotely from 50+ different countries. Everyone is working virtually together inside the SuperSpace app, our purpose-built internal creative operations system. Superside has formed deep partnerships with some of the most respected tech brands in the world like Amazon, Facebook, Salesforce, Coinbase and Shopify, and have built an end-to-end creative workflow and collaboration platform to help them organize their creative processes better.

See video of our CEO explaining what Superside are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnO0oioo14Q

Life at Superside’s Tech, Product & Design team

Our TPD (Tech, Product and Design) team is remote and contains multiple self-directed and cross-functional teams fully distributed across EMEA. The members represent 14 nationalities with alumni from Adobe, Revolut, Yandex and Mail.ru. We are intellectually curious and creative thinkers, eager to grow and ready to make a big impact in the world. We analyse data, talk to users, prototype and iterate. We don’t need offices, our conversations happen in Google Meets and Slack. We focus on discovering and solving real-world user problems, not just building and shipping features. Teams at Superside own the complete software lifecycle starting from the roadmap, implementation, testing, deployment and operations. We foster an open feedback culture and Everyone’s opinion is important to push our common mission forward. As a member of our engineering team you’ll take on a key role in this process and see your work be used by amazing companies. Today, our engineering and product team consists of 40 members, but we are growing fast and aim to grow our organization to 100 people in the next 12 to 18 months.

Words from some of our team members:

“I joined for the possibility to work in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment with real impact on the company and its product. Enjoy being part of the team for the interesting challenges and great colleagues”

Tor Egil – Product Manager

“I joined superside because the product idea caught my eye and I found it interesting and with great potential. After joining Superside, I really enjoy the friendliness of my colleagues, also something I really like is the diversity and how much you can learn from a multi-cultural team. Technical side of things, the engineering team is using modern tools and languages, also planning to evolve the product using the latest tech and this keeps an engineer more motivated and excited about future plans.”

Youssef – Senior Software Engineer

“I joined Superside because I felt its the best place for me where I can enjoy working remotely, and they’ll be the best place to achieve remote work without affecting other things I really was looking for at the company I’m aiming to work with:

– Great team culture

– Continues learning and growing

– Diversity not only in the team, but also in the kind of challenges you’ll be facing

- Up to date with recent technologies

– Startup mode is still active, but I really felt it’s different this time, great team collaboration is making it easier for Superside than any other startup to shine, its a very promising company”

Ahmad – Senior Software Engineer

“The main reason for me to choose the Superside was an opportunity to be a part of world-level design production company, work closely with the best designers, learn a lot and help to push the design industry forward by creating a great tech platform and providing unique and useful tools. Also small tech team size was a reason for me and it was a chance to build an international dream team of engineers. “

- Dmitrij – Lead Frontend Engineer

We believe that the best teams are tightly connected, and we have therefore facilitated in multiple ways members in Superside to get to know each other and also have social time remote. One of the things we are doing is that we are arranging a remote coffee break every friday called Fika, where we either play some online games or discuss the latest news. We are also so lucky to have a wide range of communities across Superside where like-minded can join and meet each other, like for example #-s-tribe-foodlove for food lovers, #-s-tribe-pets for those who just loves to show their pets or see other pets or #-s-tribe-worldtravel for those who loves to travel and share their journeys.

The Role

Superside is in hypergrowth and we are growing our product organization accordingly. Besides engineers and designers, we are looking for passionate engineering managers to support the fast scale of our teams. We look for candidates who come with a “can-do” attitude, the will to lead and make engineers successful. Engineering managers at Superside are versatile and do whatever they can to bring the whole company forward, their responsibility includes:

  • Work in a cross-functional team where you provide leadership and guidance on software engineering
  • You have a background in Software Engineering, using modern languages, tools, and principles
  • Ability to communicate in English (both verbally and written)
  • Manage all personal aspects of one of our software engineering teams (including 1-1, coaching, mentoring, and development)
  • You are a people person, and passionate about building and developing great teams
  • Introduce new ways of working that benefits both individuals and the team
  • Contribute in building and forwarding an engineering environment enabling personal and professional growth
  • Be a go-to resource for best engineering practices
  • A facilitator of openness and knowledge sharing across the engineering team
  • Recently transitioned over to an Engineering Manager role (or similar)
  • Excellent and storyteller, with high integrity amongst engineers
  • Ability to see bigger strategic picture and steer technical direction according to relevant business objectives
  • Take part in recruitment related activities of new software engineers

The tech platform we are building

Superside is right now in a unique position to expand on existing deep customer relationships and we are gradually introducing a customizable creative operations system – specifically built for the large-scale enterprise use case. First iterations of many of these elements are already in place.

This “Creative OS” is structured around 4 distinct functional areas:

Drag&Drop Brief Editor: The customer can configure their own creative briefs per product and define rules for who should be allowed to submit projects.

Assignment, Planning & Project Management: The customer can create automatic assignment rules for incoming projects (e.g. all critical deadline projects should go to Superside) or decide on a per project basis inside the Superside PM tool who should do what. The customer can also plan campaigns, chat internally on an “Epic” level and manage their own non-Superside projects.

Project Execution, Design Commenting & Collaboration: The most important part of the Superside app is the actual project execution, where Superside should impose an opinionated process for how creative projects should be executed in various stages. Commenting by multiple team members should be made easy and centered around the creative use case.

Output, File Management & Result Measurement: Finally, all creative projects need to go where customers can see them, and Superside should make it easy to output projects to Digital Assets Managers, Marketing Clouds, Ad Servers or FB/Google ad managers. The dream is for Superside to eventually “close the loop” and link the actual project result performance back to the creative that has worked on the file.

Along every step of the 4-step framework the customer will also be given the opportunity to create workflows and automations. Inside the Superside’s workflow editor, the customer can break down complex projects into milestones, decision points and automated integrations (e.g. «add final file to DAM», «create Facebook ad-group using final output» or «push final file to email marketing software»). When the customer creates a new project, they select the right workflow template to get started. By automating the process, the customer is free from having to update old process documents and to know what to do when and. Work items are sent to the participants notifying them of what they have new to do, and integrations are executed automatically.

Our tech stack

Superside’s backend is fully written in Kotlin and Spring, and our frontend is Typescript, React. We use Terraform to manage our infrastructures and deploy Docker containers to ECS, use Datadog and TrackJS for monitoring and are using Gitlab as our Devops/CICD platform.

Superside’s core principles (How we work together)

Be kind. We intentionally work to create a supportive environment where everyone can thrive. We commit to always show up to support a co-worker if needed, even in busy times. Even if geographically dispersed, we fiercely take care of each other personally and professionally by any possible means.

Be authentic. We value self-expression, unique perspectives and admire people that dare to be weird. We are honest and direct when working with others. We dislike office politics. We value diversity and celebrate differences. We recognize that what makes us who we are is a valuable asset to share with the community.

Move fast. We operate with a sense of urgency. We make decisions. We don’t wait until tomorrow. What can be done today, we do today. We prefer action over talk, and limit time in meetings. We accept mistakes, recognize failure, learn from it, adjust, and move on. We always push forward, and get things done. We are optimists. We take calculated risks.

Seek the truth. We believe disagreement is necessary to achieve progress, as long as our intention is constructive, respectful, and not selfish or an attack. Our only concern is making the right decision, when someone points out errors in our reasoning we accept it as an invaluable intellectual gift. We do not need everyone to always agree. We challenge our own beliefs. We are transparent about the truth.

Decide locally. Whoever is closest to the problem should own up to it, form a forceful opinion of what is the right decision, and take responsibility. Management often has insufficient information and should view its role as enabling others to take the right decision, especially in high-risk and urgent situations. Take responsibility for your ecosystem, your team, your role.

Know what to NOT do. Spend time to understand what's possible. Decide on the few things that are critical, and actively choose what to not do. Keep a “Not doing” list next to your “To-do” list. Underpromise, and overdeliver. Things will never be perfect. Don’t do many things in parallel, get things done and move on, we cannot change everything at once.

Mission (Why we get up in the morning): Create more equal opportunities globally.

Vision (What we are trying to build): Build the world's leading creative company, and help drive the transition to a global and fair online labor market.

Our three pillars (How we are doing it): Be the best at finding (1) and growing (2) top creative talent irrespective of location, and build technology and processes to enable efficient collaboration (3) with our customers.

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Superside is a tech-enabled design company that delivers beautiful design at scale to scale-ups and enterprise teams — from everyday production work to large-scale strategic design solutions.

Our mission - to create more equal economic opportunities globally by finding and growing the world’s best creative talent.

Superside is a fully remote tech-enabled design company targeting the very best designers and project managers from top-tier agencies anywhere in the world. Today, we have over 500 employees in over 60 countries.

We work with our clients through our leading in-house Design Operations platform, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient execution across all timezones.

Our clients are primarily US-based brands, and include Amazon, Puma, Spotify, Salesforce, Twitch Prime, S&S Activewear, Cisco, and others, as well as scale-ups and future industry leaders.

We aim to be the best place for ambitious international designers to quickly learn and grow their careers.

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