Oglasi za posao Full-Stack Engineer (Node.js + AWS)
Oglas je preuzet sa sajta poslodavca i sajt HelloWorld ne garantuje njegovu ažurnost.

Full-Stack Engineer (Node.js + AWS)

Siena Labs Inc.



AWS Jenkins Post gres NodeJS TypeScript Express senior

About us

At Siena we are revolutionizing the customer service industry with the world's first autonomous AI customer service agents. We are a remote-first startup that's passionate about enabling machines to engage in delightful and empathic conversations. Siena is the first of its kind, designed to work out-of-the-box to interact with customers across all channels from a single platform.

If you're excited about AI and the intersection of human-to-machine communications, and want to be part of a team who is driving innovation and making a real impact, then come join us in pushing the boundaries of AI and CX.

Some of our values

  • Customer First: It's not just about solving issues or closing deals. We're in the business of understanding our customers so well that we can anticipate their needs and blow their minds.

  • Straight Talk: Communication isn't just a checkbox for us—it's our operating system. We say what we mean, mean what we say, and have no hidden agendas or sugar-coating..

  • Question & Disrupt: We do things that have never been done before—not for the sake of being different but for being radically better.

  • Act with Agency: We don't wait for permission or perfect conditions. We evaluate the situation, make our best call, and go for it.

  • Raise the Bar: We're not just meeting standards, we're aiming for setting them.

  • Fast & Fearless: We move quickly but thoughtfully, and view mistakes and failures as stepping stones, not setbacks.

  • Driven by Curiosity, Fueled by Growth: We ask the questions no one else is asking, dive deep, and come out the other side better for it.

  • Synergy Over Solo: We value collaboration over individual achievement. When we work together, we're unstoppable. We're not just co-workers; we're co-creators.

What you'll be doing:

As a full-stack engineer, you will develop projects end to end. Ownership is yours - take over new and existing product features.

  • You'll contribute with ideas and constructive feedback to the product's development from the roadmap all the way to architecture.

  • You'll develop and collaborate closely with the Product team to slice and dice scope and deliver piece by piece.

  • Building products: 90% of time by building new software products, or improve existing features.

  • Mentorship: you have the ability to mentor and lead other members about 10% of time if you have an appetence for it.

  • Problem-solving: you unblock yourself and other team members when they hit a roadblock.

Join the team if you:

  • 4+ years engineering experience - ideally with NodeJS, Typescript & Express

  • Are familiar with the AWS cloud system. (EKS, ECS, Fargate)

  • Have experience working with Postgres

  • Have experience with CI/CD (GitLab, Github, Jenkins or similar)

  • You are product-focused and have the ability to build products by understanding the business and customers.

  • You have the drive and focus to get challenging projects over the finish line while meeting deadlines.

  • You love solving problems and writing elegant code.

  • You are proud of your microservices architecture skills. But don't like to brag.

  • You thrive in a fast-paced environment.

We're not aiming for expert levels in Node.js, but rather cross-language minded engineers that view and use stacks as problem-solving tools, not the solution.

Impress us even further:

  • You have a high degree of technical knowledge around scaling systems.

  • You have been in a startup from Seed to exit.

  • You have experience working in remote teams.



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