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Full Stack WEB Developer

KS Production d.o.o.

Beograd, Knez Mihailova 3

KS Production d.o.o. is seeking a senior full-stack web developer to join our strong development team. The developer will design and write maintainable code, communicate with the rest of the team, as well as deliver products within an aggressive schedule. You will use Angular framework and CodeIgniter PHP framework to develop a casino and betting platform.

·        You have good knowledge in Angular 2+ framework

·        You have good knowledge in CodeIgniter framework

·        You have good knowledge in PHP

·        You have good knowledge of JS, CSS, and HTML

·        You have at least 2-year experience in web application development.

·        You are willing to learn how to use new developing tools.

·        Strong grasp of programming principles

·        Ability to learn rapidly and master diverse web technologies and techniques

·        Proactivity with a focus on getting things done

·        Good working knowledge of English Language

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related field would be of great value, but if you’re passionate and have the experience that backs up your abilities, for us, talent outweighs degree every time.

Education without experience in Angular and PHP have no value for this task.

·        Great team environment, passion, creativity and persistence are rewarded.

·        Competitive, stable and in-time salary.

·        Work on cutting-edge technologies

·        Modern work environment and long-term perspective

·        We are located at "Knez Mihailova” street in the centre of Belgrad.

Job listing has expired.

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  • KS Production d.o.o se bavi razvojem poslovnih aplikacija, informacionih sistema i inženjeringom softverskih proizvoda. Trenutno su jedna od vodećih kompanija u regionu u oblasti pružanja IT usluga i softverskih rešenja: Online poker i Casino. Pored ove oblasti bave se i razvojem posebnih specifičnih rešenja za njihove klijente.

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