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Google Ads Specialist

No Hassle Digital

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Google AdWords intermediate senior

Here at No-Hassle digital we are committed to bringing top performers on our team and creating a friendly yet professional working environment.

We take our hiring very seriously and our process is consisted of several steps you will need to complete before the job is finally offered. This process is here to ensure you are a good fit for the role which means you will be happy with your work.

Note: This is not an entry level job position and previous experience in managing Google Ads campaigns is absolutely necessary.

Is this you?

  • You have at least 2 years of experience managing Google Ads campaigns and a minimum of 5 years of total work experience
  • You’ve managed at least several different Google Ads accounts
  • You are well organized, conscientious and have an innate desire to do quality work.
  • You’re ambitious, hard-working and don’t like excuses

If you fit most of these, you’ll most likely be a good match and we encourage you to apply.

However, please do not apply if:

  • You are looking for a job where you'll stay several months before moving on to next one
  • It's not possible for you to work from home for whatever reason
  • You are not willing to arrange a reference calls with one or more of your previous employers (we'll never contact your existing employer)

Job Description

  • Your typical day will consist of creating campaigns for new clients, managing existing accounts, creating reports and landing pages for clients and internal documents. You will be using Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and productivity tools such as MS Office or Google Docs.
  • If we find that you are a good match for this role, you will be given good support,  documentation and procedures for different types of tasks that will help you to effectively deliver quality results. You’ll also get the needed training to fill in the potential gaps.
  • You will be communicating with our clients from the US, UK and Australia and that's why we really need you to have a good command of written English.


We believe that the main benefit will be learning from a very experienced team working with many international clients, some of which are spending very considerable budgets.

  • No Office - work from home
  • Flexible working hours
  • 25 paid vacation days
  • 5 paid personal days
  • Competitive salary + very attractive bonus system
  • Fun, informal (yet professional) working atmosphere

To apply

Send us your best CV and your cover letter that you’ve written specifically for this position. In your cover letter please provide as much detail about your Google Ads experience. Please send both CV and cover letter in English and also avoid sending generic cover letters, as these will be most likely rejected.

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No Hassle Digital is not ordinary digital marketing service. Our team is dedicated to helping the clients grow their business and drive success. We strive to ensure every client’s satisfaction by delivering high quality work. We know you won’t be happy with anything less, and neither will we. Our testimonials underscore our commitment to this goal.

Adwords management
With the right AdWords management you can get traffic, sales and leads without wasting time, opportunities and money. Our AdWords professionals can help you. We know that the each client is unique, therefore our solutions are always specially tailored to your needs.

Facebook ads management
With Over 1 billion people, Facebook is the right place to be today. Our team can help you reach audience who will love your business. The opportunities are enormous and we have the right knowledge to use them.

Landing page optimization
Your ads campaigns will fulfill their full potential only with the perfectly optimized landing page. Our team knows all tips and tricks. With our powerful solution, you will not need to redesign your website. Just sit and enjoy.

There are many additional areas we can help you grow your business. SEO optimization, LinkedIn ads management, Google Analytics, Website QA and more.

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