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Head of Information Technology

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Regional HR company operating in the Adriatic countries, providing organizations with the right Talent Solutions and strategies by successfully penetrating the major industries. With our regional team of dedicated consultants, we guarantee that every client gets individual and customized attention. Our expertise and knowledge ensure our clients will obtain “the right talent”.

Heads Talent Solutions has partnered with reputable multinational automotive production company in order to support their expansion on the market and greenfield project in South Serbia.

 Head of Information Technology

 The role:

  • To ensure that the entire IT infrastructure of the company is running sustainably, in the most efficient and cost-effective way
  • Working closely with the group's Regional IT Director in Europe to address the plant's IT needs
  • Ensuring that software is in compliance with the law
  • Installation and maintenance of all enterprise software
  • Guaranteeing the smooth operation of hardware and software
  • Monitoring technical innovations in IT
  • Planning for IT requirements of the plant
  • Checking for updates
  • Analyzing user requirements and developing a plan to solve their problems
  • Coordinating the user experience in standard systems, accounting systems, databases, and SAP and MagJIS systems, measuring hardware and software usage
  • Ensuring the smooth operation of technical infrastructure
  • Responsibility for recovering lost and corrupted data
  • Ensuring documentation of all relevant issues in the area of responsibility in accordance with existing requirements
  • Responsibility for operating system administration, user support, servers, and system applications, JIS systems, telephone lines (ATS) and day-to-day work with IT systems and computers
  • Coordinating the IT department as well as IT subcontractors
  • Knowledge and respecting standards, and quality norms
  • Compliance with all the requirements of the generally accepted recommendations and policies of SOX and IT audits
  • Understanding and complying with safety regulations
  • Compliance with the standards of 5S accuracy and tidiness
  • Compliance with the work schedule and all internal corporate charters and company rules
  • Understanding the strategic direction for the development of IT and the plant itself
  • Evaluating existing IT infrastructure, its capabilities and performance
  • Providing effective development and collaboration with management to implement IT strategy
  • System optimization, development, and adaptation to new business processes, and the introduction of new IT systems, taking into account existing guidelines in the automotive industry
  • Reviewing and approving the cost/purchase costs of fixed assets.
  • Reviewing and approving the costs of IT services, procurement requests.
  • Evaluation, prioritization and approval of change requests
  • Emergency change management
  • Tracking and reporting status for the change requests
  • Execution after review/inspection of implementation
  • Ensuring that the plant meets the company's business continuity policy
  • Testing and improving business continuity policies
  • Conducting training on business continuity policy
  • Control of the problem, after the resumption
  • Setting goals to measure performance and efficiency with measurement parameters
  • Analysis and reporting on the performance of the established goals
  • Provide corrective action and measures
  • Information Technology process management

The successful applicant:

  • At least 1-2 years of previous relevant working experience in production environment and/or at least three years of experience as Head of IT
  • University degree in information technology
  • Advanced knowledge of English language, both spoken and written
  • Practical experience in building, optimizing and automating business processes in the automotive industry
  • The ability to think while handling the process
  • Excellently developed skills of causal connections
  • Knowledge of the rules of the existing occupational health and safety regulations
  • Time Management Skills
  • Advanced PC user - Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
  • Highly developed communication skills, both written and oral
  • Excellent skills of interpersonal communication, the ability to build a working relationship with employees at all levels
  • To have sufficient understanding and extensive knowledge in the subject matter of both the factories themselves and the global IT requirements at the group level, to identify the information technology needs and provide their business solutions
  • ITIL V3:2011 is nice to have
  • Experience with SAP SD and MM is nice to have

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

Deadline for applications: 12.12.2019.

Job listing has expired.

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