Oglasi za posao Junior Full-Stack Developer (Node.js, React) – Shape the Future with Code
Oglas je preuzet sa sajta poslodavca i sajt HelloWorld ne garantuje njegovu ažurnost.

Junior Full-Stack Developer (Node.js, React) – Shape the Future with Code

Roboten d.o.o.

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JavaScript Node.js junior

Dive into Roboten, where we're seeking a Junior Full-Stack Developer ready to write the next chapter in our story of innovation. With a fervor for coding and learning, join us in revolutionizing the tech landscape. We're not just a company; we're a movement, and we need your skills and passion to help us make an impact.

About You – The Code Saga 

You're the developer who sees every challenge as a springboard for growth, with a relentless drive to know, understand, and perfect your craft. Your GitHub isn't just a repository; it's a chronicle of your dedication to creation and your journey of continuous learning and iteration.

As someone at the beginning of their career, you've already marked your path with a series of prototypes and projects. They might not be polished, but they showcase your initiative and commitment to your passion. At Roboten, we're all about moving fast, learning, and improving every day. If you're someone who loves to build and learn by doing, you'll fit right in.

You have an eye for detail, an appreciation for best practices, and the ability to recognize and simplify complexity. Your history is rich with lessons learned from every line of code you've written, guiding you to better, more efficient solutions.

You're not just looking to code; you're looking to make a difference with every feature and function you develop. You understand that exceptional user experience goes beyond the interface—it's about the intuitive and clean code that powers it.

Join Us – Your Role in Our Journey 

  • Take Charge: From day one, own your projects. Here, you'll have the space and support to grow, with a team that values proactivity and independence.
  • Learn and Lead: Our culture is centered on mentorship and advancement. You'll quickly evolve from a junior developer into a knowledgeable professional who thrives in a modern, agile environment.

Your Quest – Innovate, Integrate, Inspire 

  • Develop and maintain services and modules in React and Node.js, taking ownership and pride in your work.
  • Work collaboratively to push the boundaries of technology with a team that values innovation and fresh ideas.
  • Write clean, well-documented code that serves as a model for others and stands the test of time.

Your Path Forward – Skills and Growth 

  • Your Git repo highlights your ability, passion, and the diversity of your coding projects. We recognize that as someone passionate about coding, your portfolio will likely be a vibrant tapestry of prototypes. What's important to us is that you've translated your curiosity into action, coding regularly as a true reflection of your passion. We're looking for individuals like us, whose insatiable curiosity is constantly brought to life through code, prototypes, and experiments. You are a coder driven by passion first, profession second, and your portfolio should tell that story (we don't look at the quality as we understand that you have used your Git as a learning ground).
  • Have a solid foundation in JavaScript, React, and Node.js.
  • Show a willingness to embrace and integrate new technologies, constantly pushing your limits and expanding your toolkit.

Unleash Your Potential: Innovate, Code, Transform! – Apply Now! 

Ready to code with a sense of purpose and passion? Send us a hello—let's make it easy. Just write what comes to mind, in your own words, based on what you've just read and what's now at the top of your mind. We're all about spontaneity and breaking away from convention.

Dare to dream, dare to code, dare to join us. The future doesn't code itself, after all. See you soon, scroll down and apply now. 

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Vision Behind Roboten
With low code, we believe we can change the world. By breaking down the technical walls surrounding software development, we open the doors to more people, massively expanding the talent pool.

This paves the way for higher quality products faster, more flexible, and more inclusive development processes. Where everyone can utilize their knowledge and anyone can realize their ideas.

Who We Are
Roboten is a company made up of talented individuals with an ambition to change the way the world creates software. We want to give everyone the opportunity to turn their idea into reality.

We founded Roboten to solve our personal issues with developing custom software. We have felt what is like to be stuck with endless handovers, amazing mock-ups that never make the cut, having to allocate a big amount of manpower and time to maintainance, and much more.

We sincerely believe it's time to elevate traditional software development and empower more people with different backgrounds, expertise, and skills to build software, easily and quickly.

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