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Lead NLP Engineer

Social Discovery Group



Linux Unix Git Python Microservices intermediate

Social Discovery Group is the world's largest group of social discovery companies which unites more than 50 brands. For more than 20 years, we have been creating premium international dating services and social discovery apps with a focus on video streaming, AI technologies, entertainment, and game mechanics. Our product portfolio includes Dating.com, Cupid Media, Dil Mil, and many others. The products are already used by more than 500 million users in 150 countries around the world.

SDG Invests in social discovery technology startups around the world. Our Investments include Open AI, Patreon, Flo, Wildly, RAW, EVA AI, Clubhouse, Magnet, Tubit, Woebot, BamBam, Flure, AstryCoursera, Academia, Harbour, Space, Auto1, DocSend, AppAnnie, Rapyd, Boom Supersonic, Trading, View, K-Health and many others.

We solve the problem of loneliness, isolation, and disconnection with the help of digital reality.

Our digital nomad team of more than 800 professionals works all over the world. Our international team of like-minded people and professionals solves ambitious daily tasks and creates truly global products. We value focusing on results, a proactive approach, and we are always looking for new and unconventional ideas.

Our teams of digital nomads live and work remotely from Cyprus, Malta, the USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, Poland, Israel, Türkiye, Latvia and many others.

We are looking for a Lead NLP Engineer for one of our investment products.

Our product is the Perfect Match Dating App, currently ranked #4 in top grossing apps on Google Play with over 800k MAU (Monthly Active Users). We aim to revolutionize modern dating and are currently looking for talent in product analytics to support our growth.

Goal: Enhance the efficiency of the suggestion system in user dialogs by providing the best conversation continuation options, optimized for relevance, dialogue continuation probability, and potential for increasing the average check.

Upcoming tasks:

  • Participation in the development and refinement of the ML service architecture to achieve the set goals.
  • Creation and integration of the necessary ML models into the overall system for predicting the best dialogue continuation options.
  • Configuration of the model training process to continuously improve the quality of suggested prompts.
  • Integration of the system with related services.
  • Data collection and preparation required for machine learning model training.
  • Participation in the deployment and implementation of the developed solutions.


  • Proficiency in mathematical algorithms of machine learning, understanding the fundamental model types, and assessing their performance criteria.
  • Practical experience in applying basic NLP concepts (n-grams, skip-grams, tf-idf, etc.).
  • Practical experience in the development and deployment of microservices.
  • NLP domain expertise.
  • Proficiency in Python.
  • Knowledge of machine learning libraries (Scikit-learn, Pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy, Scipy, Sklearn).
  • Familiarity with the Deep Learning framework PyTorch.
  • Proficient use of the Linux/Unix operating system and version control system git.
  • Ability to independently construct a pipeline.

Would be a plus:

  • Understanding of ONNX principles;
  • Experience with SQL/NoSQL databases;
  • Experience in developing components for dialogue systems;
  • Fine-tuning of GPT-like models;
  • Proficiency in using GloVe, ELMo, RNN, CNN, Transformer, BERT;
  • Experience with virtualization technologies (e.g., Docker);
  • Proficiency in deepspeed/Jax;
  • Completed courses such as ODS, MIPT+Huawei are a plus.

What do we offer:

  • REMOTE OPPORTUNITY to work full time;
  • 7 wellness days per year (time off) that can be used to deal with household issues, to lie down and recover without taking sick leave;
  • Bonuses up to $5000 for recommending successful applicants for positions in the company;
  • Full payment for professional training, international conferences and meetings;
  • Corporate discount for English lessons;
  • Health benefits. If you are not eligible for Corporate Medical Insurance, the company will compensate up to $1000 gross per year per employee according to the paychecks. This can be spent on self-purchase of health insurance, or on doctor’s fees for yourself and close relatives (spouse, children);
  • Workplace organization. The company provides all employees with an equipped workplace and all the necessary equipment (table, armchair, wifi, etc.) in the locations where we have offices or co-working. In the other locations, the company provides reimbursement of workplace costs up to $ 1000 gross once every 3 years according to the paychecks. This money can be spent on the rent of the co-working room, on equipping the working place at home (desk, chair, Internet, etc.) during those 3 years;
  • Internal gamified gratitude system: receive bonuses from colleagues and exchange them for time off, merch, team building activities, massage certificates, etc.

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