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Product Manager


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This is an opportunity to be on the ground floor of building the next big language learning site and mobile app. Parrot helps people learn through immersive first-person video and speech recognition.

Parrot is a new project started by the same company behind FluentU, a popular language learning app and website. We’re a profitable, stable company (started in 2011) with a long-term focus – proudly self-funded. Many people know us through our blog, which is visited millions of times every month.

We offer you:

  • the reliability of an established company
  • the calmness and low drama environment of a 100% distributed team
  • the dynamism and excitement of working on a startup

In this role, you will:

  • own the mobile app, which is still in the early stages.
  • work closely all members of the Parrot team (the founder of FluentU, developers, designers, content creators, and marketers).

What is this job about?

Your job will be to:

  • help come up with product priorities
  • create wireframes
  • think through edge cases
  • refine tasks and user stories
  • benchmark competitors
  • conduct user tests and summarize results
  • work with designers who implement the wireframes
  • suggest UX changes
  • reply to developers about implementation questions
  • analyze usage data to see the impact of the feature releases and identify priorities

How we work

  • We’re a 100% distributed/remote team.
  • All of our communication is text-based (mostly Asana) and we have a low-stress environment.
  • We also have a flat collaborative environment.
  • We make decisions based on logic/reason. We prioritize communicating clearly.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • has meaningful product experience with B2C mobile apps
  • has a strong understanding of mobile app UX
  • is comfortable comprehensively thinking through scenarios (ie. does not just think about the "happy path", but considers edge cases)
  • has strong communication skills with clear and well-structured messages
  • is fluent in English
  • has experience creating wireframes and doing user testing
  • has a sensitive/keen ear and can understand the implied meaning behind what users say (does not just take the response at face value)
  • can do rapid prototyping on the fly based on user feedback
  • applies changes or updates based on user feedback and not just gut intuition
  • can organize tasks, scenarios, and discussions well
  • has experience with product analytics tools like Amplitude
  • can work at least 25 hours per week on a regular, long-term basis. Ideally, we are looking for someone to be full-time on this, and for this to be their sole focus.

Please note that this initial job is a 3-5 hour trial to see if there's a mutual fit.

If you’re interested, please reply with:

  • relevant work samples
  • description of a few of your most relevant previous work experiences
  • your weekly availability (the minimum amount that you can guarantee per week)

What surprises people after they start working at our company?

"what surprised me was the almost perfectly organized working processes and communication and how constantly and smoothly they are being improved"

  • Virtual assistant who has worked at our company for 10+ years

"When I joined FluentU, I was not at all aware or thought of the way the team is working, the way you have prepared to collaborate remotely. I am really amazed to see how a full remote team is able to effectively collaborate and work in an efficient manner that not even offline team would be able to deliver or manage.

In the beginning, I felt like it's all very formal way to do which I don't like but right now I can say, this is the best way a remote team or team from different part of the world can accommodate and work together. I've to say, I'm literally getting close to and loving to work in this environment."

  • Wordpress developer

"I liked collaborating with a great team made up of kind and talented people from all over the world. I appreciated being trusted to work autonomously and being given the chance to take on new projects and leadership roles. I also liked getting feedback, both in terms of recognition for what I had done well and guidance on how I could improve. I feel like I learned a lot and was continuously developing my skills. The flexibility to meet the required hours according to my own schedule and 100% written communication was also a plus."

  • Editor

"I liked working with a very collaborative, communicative, and global team. I feel like I made friends working with FluentU, even though we’ve never met each other in person. I also like the variety of work I got to take on as an editor and all the interesting projects and research we did together as a team."

  • Editor

We’re very much looking forward to hearing from you!

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