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SVP of Software Engineering



Do you have deep experience in large-scale software development? Can you look at complex software development processes and find ways to simplify? Do you still love the technology, even though you are an executive now?

The most important pillar of our company is software engineering. Most companies engineer software product-by-product, inevitably delivering different quality results for each product. We have built a software engineering platform that delivers the same high-quality standards for every product, with a release every week.

We have over one hundred software products on our platform, and we are acquiring more all the time. This job is all about designing and improving the way we develop software, which naturally improves the quality of every product we make.

You’ll learn how to build a world-leading software development platform in our revolutionary, fully remote work environment. We have built our platform the same way Tesla approaches building cars. As Elon Musk has stated, what really matters is the machine that builds the machine - the platform - which is at least two orders of magnitude harder than the product itself.

Joining us is a great career move! You will literally be helping to build the future of work, to a level of quality that exceeds the global standards you’ll find anywhere else. Apply now to start your long-term career path with us!

What you will be doing:

Deep-Diving into our software development platform, analyzing quality failures and improvement opportunities all the way to the technical root cause. Sometimes you will do your own deep-dive analysis. More often, you will be reviewing the analysis done by less experienced executives, looking for patterns and providing coaching to improve the quality of your team’s work.

Making important technical decisions that improve the quality of every product in our portfolio. You’ll start with deep analysis of specific product issues, then look for platform-wide opportunities to fix the issue not just once, but permanently and for every product.

What you will NOT be doing:

You will not be doing project management. We create clear roles, structure the work, and leverage automation to eliminate project management overhead.

You will not be doing HR and administrative management. We have systematized the work activities of every role, so you can focus on the execution of your important decisions. You’ll be amazed at how effectively the Engineering team carries out your direction!

You will not be overseeing steady-state operations. This is a continuous improvement role. You’ll never stop making the platform better!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Review and approve deep dive analyses from less experienced executives
  • Provide coaching to the executive team, to improve the quality of their analysis
  • Make important technical decisions to improve the quality of the entire software development platform

Candidate Requirements:

  • Technical/quantitative university degree
  • Hands-on software development experience… and still super technical
  • Executive experience running enterprise software development

Nice to have:

Experience in a shared-services or centralized environment

Deadline for applications: 11.11.2021.

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