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Senior Data Engineer, Automated Journalism

TX Services


Do you love building things and working with data across technologies to create interesting and innovative solutions?

Do you want to help define the future of automation support for journalism with Switzerland’s largest private media company?

As Switzerland’s leading digital hub, we provide our media and platforms with enabling technology solutions, to drive their businesses. We stand for interdisciplinary collaboration,  innovation and dynamic development.

We are on the move – and want to keep moving. We are farsighted. We are proactive. We are courageous. We are TX.

Join Switzerland’s largest private media company in our ultra-modern Belgrade office and help us build the future of journalism, as a Senior Data Engineer, Automated Journalism.

In this role, you will work directly with our head office in Zurich, Switzerland to prototype new ideas for data-driven automation, and then bring those ideas to production. You might be tasked with finding new ways of collecting interesting data sets, building an API that delivers automatically generated content to our frontend, or leveraging AI to create a transcription service for our journalists.

Who You Are:

  • You have a passion for writing clean, readable, and maintainable code
  • You make it your top priority that your code runs in production as expected, be it by using tests and other measures like verbose logging and automated alerts
  • You have at least 3 to 5 years of experience creating software, and you enjoy working independently
  • You’re interested and motivated in applying technology to advance a leading publisher’s role in journalism
  • You enjoy learning new things and often take the initiative to learn on your own
  • You have a positive and constructive mindset with a good dose of humor
  • You communicate very well in English (written and spoken, Cambridge B2+)
  • You are comfortable working remotely and with minimal supervision

What You Know About:

  • Mastery of at least one general purpose scripting language – ideally Python – for data collection (via web scraping, APIs and other sources), data transformation, and delivery (primarily via web APIs, for example with Flask/Gunicorn/Nginx)
  • Fluency in at least one additional programming language
  • Knowledge of AWS technologies like Lambda functions, Fargate/ECS, or CloudFront and/or willingness and initiative to become familiar with them
  • Basic data handling skills (e.g. data tidying, combining different tabular data sources, simple analyses)
  • Some experience with SQL and/or NoSQL database management systems like PostgreSQL or MongoDB
  • Knowledge of Unix environments and the command line (for setting up web servers, database systems and services like cronjobs etc.)
  • Good understanding of web architectures (both for providing services such as web servers, APIs, REST, and for scraping)
  • Ability to architect REST APIs that stem traffic peaks exceeding 300'000 requests/min
  • Basic knowledge of web security principles
  • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms in the NLG domain is a plus!

What we offer:

  • Being a part of establishing a Swiss-based subsidiary - TX Services in Belgrade
  • Competitive salary and a variety of fringe benefits
  • Great equipment
  • International team and working environment of talented and fun people
  • Personal further education, as well as possible international travel
  • Opportunity to grow both professionally and personally in a stimulating environment
  • Excellent work-life balance
Konkurs je istekao.

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