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Senior Game Developer


Niš, Naučno Tehnološki Park

SOZAP is looking for a Senior Game Developer. You will join our team working on ARMED HEIST, our mobile third person shooter game. While developing new features, implementing and iterating on them is the core aspect of your work, being a part of SOZAP is more than that. We are looking for someone ready to contribute to several aspects of ARMED HEISTs continued development. You will have a part in design decisions, tool development, backend and more. SOZAP is a studio where the developers decide among themselves rather than being told what to do. We believe that creative freedom is critical to crafting great games.

Are you passionate about making quality games and be a part of our growing team?

Interested in joining an expanding company and impact the future of gaming?

Join us!


  • Create technical designs, implement, and improve gameplay
  • Develop systems, backend features across the codebase both on new and existing projects
  • Working on next-gen cross platform games
  • Examine and refactor code for scalability with regards to future development
  • Design, implement and maintain tools that empower the game development process
  • Work closely with collaborators from other disciplines
  • Be part of planning, managing and estimation of tasks
  • Be part of the decision-making process and bring new ideas to the table

Skill Points

  • 3+ years using Unity and C#
  • Shipped one or more games made with Unity (Extra points for mobile platforms)
  • Familiarity with all common Unity subsystems (Physics, Animation, Audio, Addresables etc)
  • Familiarity with the Unity profiling tools
  • A great understanding of software design principles, object and component-oriented programming, design patterns and data structures
  • Understanding different aspects of games (Gameplay, Graphics, AI, Multiplayer etc)
  • Ability to quickly comprehend and adapt to an existing codebase
  • Using Git as version control
  • Team player and a passion for making great games
  • Fluency in English

Bonus Points

  • Familiarity with CI tools such as Jenkins, fastlane, bash scripting and the Unity build pipeline.
  • Xcode & Android Studio
  • Java & Javascript
  • Obj-C
  • Gamesparks or similar BAAS
  • Sourcetree Git GUI
  • Reactive programming using Rx.NET
  • Experience with Unity DOTS
  • Jira - Issue and Project Tracking


We are a fast-growing Swedish company in Serbia. We reside in our new office in Nis at the Science Technology Park, the heart of IT development in the city. The complex is only 15 minutes walk from the city center.  

We are a multinational company that welcomes you no matter where you are from. If you would need to relocate we will assist you to make sure that the process will be smooth for you, your family and whoever and whatever you're bringing along.

SOZAP is growing, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible.

Interviews are held continuously.

Please attach your CV and Cover Letter below along with your portfolio, previous projects or relevant information.
We look forward to reading your application.


SOZAP is a digital entertainment company with competence and ambition at its core. We work to create the best gaming experiences in the world. SOZAP believes in a strong corporate culture which creates the foundation for our independent teams where each member is passionate about their role. Through this collaboration of creative minds, we are developing into a global powerhouse of digital entertainment.

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