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Software Engineer III



Are you the best developer on your team, the one who delivers high-quality code the first time? Do you go out of your way to reduce complexity when you write code? Do you think about maintainability of your code, and the people who will interact with it after you write it? Has your professional success been driven by your ability to quickly master new programming languages, frameworks and technologies?

The strength and capability of our engineering team is at the center of our bold vision for enterprise software. As a result, we are seeking the best software developers with proven success working on multi-tiered, distributed software applications to join our team. Your GitHub commits will tell the story of the impact you made on our codebase. At Trilogy, there is never any shortage of new features to code, so there will rarely be a day when you don’t commit a PR.

You will write new features, APIs, and performance enhancements for complex production systems. You will help us adopt new technologies that simplify and enhance our applications. You will contribute to writing products across multiple domains and engineer them to the highest quality standards. All along the way, you will continue to expand and refine your technical skills, earning the right to label yourself as the top 1% of engineering talent in the world.

What you will be doing:

Writing code! From scratch. New features, new APIs, and 2X performance enhancements - you’ll get a spec and start coding. Your projects may range from fullstack development of new features (UI, service and database layers) to new features that use 100% cloud capabilities and reduce our code base to just the differentiating functionality. Between teams staffed exclusively with A-players and quality standards that require comprehensive test coverage, you will confidently ship new features to production each week!

What you will NOT be doing:

  • Getting bored modifying the same product for new requirements
  • Getting endlessly interrupted from writing your own great code to be asked to put out a fire caused by a careless teammate.

Key Responsibilities:

You will focus on three major areas: feature development, API development, and performance improvements. You’ll implement specs from all three areas, and across a hundred products in our portfolio. You will be laser-focused on new development work.

Candidate Requirements:

To earn an interview for this position, you will need to pass a proctored coding fundamentals challenge and successfully complete a take-home project developing and testing two complex features. The take home project may require you to learn new technologies on the fly which is a typical scenario for engineers working in this role. In addition to demonstrating these capabilities, successful candidates must meet the following:

  • Expert coder in Java, JavaScript, C++ or C# with a desire to become full-stack, capable of integrating and debugging front-end technologies.
  • A minimum of 2 years of professional experience shipping commercial software. More often than not 4+ years of professional experience is required to meet our quality standards. Internship experience does not fulfill this requirement.
  • Systems thinker who understands how each feature fits into the overall design and can make architectural decisions and document the rationale.
  • Quick Learner. Pick up new products, technologies, and programming languages every week
  • Hands-on experience using mocking frameworks to create unit tests with 100% code coverage
  • Ability to work with a structured and disciplined approach - we aim for the highest quality the first time and every time, no “hacking”

Nice to have:

  • A university degree (BS, MS, or PhD) that included in-depth study of data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming, computer architecture, and software engineering
  • Experience with cloud, docker and K8s environments

Deadline for applications: 21.01.2021.

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