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Software QA Expert

Deep Consulting Solutions



We are looking for self-motivated and results-driven software professionals to join our Global Tech Team and help us leverage automation and technology to transform remarkable companies and free people from unnecessary work.

Our Approach

We work with niche western (US, Canada, UK, etc.) companies to restructure and automate their operation so that their businesses can grow 5-10x. We do that by effectively analyzing their business, streamlining their processes, then designing an effective automation solution that we then implement on our robust IT stack.

We make extensive use of new technologies that help us accomplish results with less work - making everyone inside of our global organization more effective. This principle applies both for our software development and for our testing.

We develop our software solutions using the most modern platforms - including Amazon AWS, Zoho, Vonage/Nexmo, and others. These solutions, once implemented, will play a critical role in our client's organization and in effect run their business for them. It is thus vital that these solutions get thoroughly and rigorously tested before being rolled out.

For testing our software, we believe that a good testing strategy must involve a rigorous analysis of the business requirements before the software gets built, allowing to properly analyze the solution to be created, create vetted and effectively formulated solution requirements, and then have the solution built and tested to these requirements.

We are looking for people who share this approach with us and who are willing to think ahead, plan, and anticipate problems before they arise.

What We Offer

  • Results Focused Approach to Work.
    • We do not look at people's activities, the number of lines of text/code written, etc. as a quantifiable measure of success. Instead, we look at results - measured by effective solution roll outs and flawless operation of the system in the client's business - and it is these results that impact our employees' appraisal - with the compensation plan heavily tied to results.
  • Freely Arranged Schedule.
    • You decide when you want to work. What we expect from you are results. There is a daily stand-up call - but outside of it, you can manage your schedule as you prefer.
  • Work like an Expert, not just a Tester.
    • You make a deep dive in the business situation and the software solution design brought to you by our Business Analysts and Product Design Architects - you then investigate them and come up with a strategy on how to test which you then leverage the automation for. This approach allows you to get deep experience in the various aspects of business and software applied to it - making the most effective use of your time as an intelligent expert - not just a trivial tester.
  • Opportunities to grow within our organization.
    • We are a dynamic and growing organization with a team spread around multiple continents. If you prove yourself as a responsible, driven and motivated individual, there will be opportunities for you to take more responsibilities - such as managing teams and large projects.
    • Additionally, you are always encouraged to research the newest and best technologies to apply in your work - so you are always keeping up with the technological progress.
  • Merit Based Candidate Selection Process.
    • Job Application Form.
    • Online Skill Assessment.
    • Interview.
    • Paid Practical Assignment.
    • Evaluation and Offer.

Role and Responsibilities

As a Software QA Expert, you will be responsible for the Tech Department delivering a functional and flawless software solution that is ready to be rolled out into our client's business. Depending on your level of responsibility, you will either be in charge of the project as the whole or a part of the project.

In accomplishing your goal will:

  • Analyze in depth the business situation and the solution design put together by our Business Analysis and Design Teams.
  • Vet the requirements before they go in production and plan your testing strategy based on vetted requirements.
  • Execute your testing strategy with manual and automated methods.
  • Work with the rest of the Tech Department to ensure that necessary revisions are made to the solution when problems are found in the most effective way.
  • Do anything you deem necessary to accomplish your result.


You must be:

  • A mature and responsible individual driven by results and not activities.
  • An individual with genuine interest in technology.
  • Willing to learn, grow, and admit mistakes.
  • Able to communicate with other people on the project's team effectively.

You must have the following skills/experience:

  • Experience with Software Testing on commercial grade projects.
  • Experience with Software Development Lifecycle and working in Software Teams.
  • Strong Analytical Skills and at least basic experience with Software Requirements / Systems Analysis.
  • Experience with various manual and automated testing methodologies.

The following will be a good plus:

  • Experience with CRM and ERP systems such as Zoho, Salesforce and others.
  • Experience with complex software solutions involving a lot of complex integrations, calculations, real time interactions, etc.

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