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Systems Engineer




Systems Engineer


The Systems Engineer position will help write, debug, support and invent software that runs the Circonus stack for SaaS and on-premise customers. We write software mostly in C and C++.

About the Job

  • Work in the office or remotely, or both (but not at the same time)
  • Write software in C and standard build systems (and some other scripting languages)
  • Understand already, or eager to learn Lua
  • Write multi-threaded, event driven code, often lock-free
  • Contribute to the design and scaling of components in the Circonus stack
  • Assist in supporting both the internal development and external use of Circonus software
  • Contribute with little direction from your boss / be a self starter, learner
  • You will work with many other human beings on your team and throughout the organization; well practiced human decency and empathy are required
  • Humans are the ultimate consumer of the software you write, they must be considered in everything you do


  • Write production quality code in multi-threaded and event-driven C and supporting languages
  • Interoperate smoothly with an agile team using version control, CI and testing for safety
  • Solid debugging skills both live and post-mortem
  • Perform code reviews

Circonus offers a powerful machine data intelligence platform to handle the world's most demanding use cases. From mission-critical IT infrastructure to data-intensive IoT applications, Circonus works with any tech and at any scale. Circonus uses advanced data science and patented technology to ingest and analyze machine data to deliver unmatched clarity, insights, and performance. From real-time alerts and fault detection to ML-based predictive analytics, Circonus helps companies optimize operations and deliver exceptional user experiences with confidence.

We enjoy a global reach, but our customers primarily cluster on the East Coast, California, and to a lesser degree, Europe. Our success stems from our industry-leading offering and our obsession with customer satisfaction.

Culturally, we operate like a startup. Small, agile teams with quick decisions and short, iterative cycle times. We relish our core values of respect, integrity, value and growth, among others.

All of our positions include a discretionary PTO policy, health insurance, gym reimbursement, a generous 401(k), the opportunity for a bonus and more.

Deadline for applications: 12.09.2020.

Job listing has been deactivated.

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