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UX Design Lead




UX Design Lead


Job Details

  • 50/hour (100k per year)
  • Work from anywhere
  • 40h/wk any timezone
  • Long-term role


Are you a User Experience Designer with a strong background in designing web and mobile applications? Have you led a design team? Do you have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to make independent decisions and implement creative decisions based on user-research and customer feedback? If you are passionate about enterprise application design and creating an awesome user-experience, this role is a perfect fit for you!

As a UX Designer Lead, you will learn and grow 10X faster than in most other positions in the industry because Crossover's UX/UI Designers are responsible for talking to important stakeholders and delivering designs across a large number of products and industries, as opposed to most other companies where you are siloed and work on a single product for years. Because of this, our UX/UI Designers get the opportunity to learn many new things and apply their skills in impactful ways while growing their personal portfolio at a lightning speed.

On top of that, as a UX Design Lead, you'll be reviewing other designer's work and you'll get the chance to create quality bars and standardized processes that drive up the quality of the designs for the whole team.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Review designs done by more junior UX/UI designers on the team

  • Propose improvements to our quality bars and our standardized processes

  • Iterate daily by communicating daily with senior stakeholders on new product ideas

  • Work with design systems to produce apps with an outstanding user-experience

  • Create compelling visual content and high fidelity clickable prototypes

Candidate Requirements:

  • Minimum 1 year experience in leading a UX/UI design team

  • Minimum 3 years experience in hands-on UX and UI design

  • Proven record of high-quality web design and a portfolio to back that up

  • Able to work on a macOS in order to use Sketch and InVision

  • Innate drive to create pixel perfect assets and designs

  • Ability to take initiative within the remote environment

  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced iterative/agile design process based on daily feedback loops

  • Great English verbal communication skills

Nice to Haves:

  • Experience using a 3rd-party Design System such as Google Material, IBM Carbon or similar

  • Experience with graphic illustration using vector-based tools (such as Illustrator)

  • Experience with data-driven design

  • Experience with responsive and adaptive design principles and UI/UX best practices

What you will be doing:

As a UX Design Lead, you will start your day reviewing the work of other team members and ensuring that they are following common UX best practices and 3rd party design system guidelines before their work reaches our customers. While doing your daily reviews, you'll also be responsible for finding patterns in subpar work and proposal internal quality bar improvements.

After the review work block, you'll continue your day as a UX/UI design individual contributor and work on the same type of tasks other members on the team works on. You'll start by reviewing Use Cases requests and communicating with the business owner if something is not clear until you fully understand requirements. After that, you'll start with a first iteration where you need to prepare a User Flow diagram and low-fidelity designs (wireframes). After finishing all the wireframes you'll present them to the stakeholder the next day, get the initial feedback and iterate towards the final design.

The daily calls with stakeholders are at the core of our process. During these daily iterations, you will gather feedback from stakeholders, get a chance to fail fast and early in the process, which will allow you to fix any issues before the next day's iteration, instead of waiting for several weeks. Once UX design is approved, you'll need to polish it for development and apply our UI library components to the design making it a high-fidelity so that it can be transferred to our development team. All the time, you will need to pay close attention to our standards and guidelines in order to produce perfect quality designs.

Rok za konkurisanje: 18.11.2020.

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