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VP of Software Engineering





VP of Software Engineering


Job Details

  • 100/hour (200k per year)
  • Work from anywhere
  • 40h/wk any timezone
  • Long-term role


Crossover, the world’s largest #remote-work company, is looking for exceptional tech-savvy Software VPs for a long-term, full-time role, working on our portfolio of 100+ Cloud B2B products. In our organization, the VP role is not a project management/delivery role, it is not an HR management role - you will not waste your time on such non-technical activities. In this role in our company you will use your deep technical competence that only technical stars can have to continually improve your teams work quality.

If you used to be the best software developer on your team, and when got promoted, you never stopped deep diving into technical aspects of your programmers work. Then, our environment enables you to be a VP level manager without having to trade-in your love for technology with project plans and politics.

Our workforce is composed of the top 1% of developers from all around the world. That annoying feeling that everyone is holding you back by moving too slow will be gone in no time. Working with super-smart high pace developers & managers let you build a dream-team with outstanding quality & performance.

Apply now to make a career move and be part of the #futureofwork revolution.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Build and lead a fully distributed remote engineering group

  • Establish high-quality world-class standards of work for your team

  • Provide coaching to your managers and team members - help them grow

  • Drive a continuous improvement process (Kaizen) across all of your teams

  • Improve productivity of your team

Candidate Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent (MS or Ph.D. preferred)

  • Excellent technical expertise in writing software code, software architecture, quality assurance, cloud infrastructure and automated deployments using CI/CD tools

  • 5 years hands-on software development and/or architecture experience

  • Minimum of 5 years in a software engineering leadership position leading at least 2 multidisciplinary software teams, with an overall head-count of more than 20 engineers, structured such that you were responsible for goal setting, performance measurement, and hiring/ firing decisions (direct reporting lines - a MUST)

  • Setting aggressive goals for your teams and usage of metrics as a key driver in your decision-making processes

  • Successful in continual improvement through process improvements & automations

  • An advanced level of English

Nice to haves:

  • Experience in delivering enterprise B2B SaaS products to multiple customers

  • “Lean Manufacturing” mindset applied to software engineering (e.g., “The Phoenix Project” by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford‎)

What you will be doing:

  • Lead several of our engineering teams, continually improving their work quality & efficiency

  • Deep-dive into your different teams, inspecting their processes and work-units in-order to come up with great improvement insights. Introducing new tools & automations, considering alternatives, quantifying impact, removing blockers, making data-based decisions.

  • Deep-dive into the problems, to find their root cause and resolve it

  • Review work of your managers & coach them how to improve

What you will NOT be doing:

  • Task assignment & task priorities decisions for your team (we have it automated)

  • Attending endless, not productive meetings about business analysis or priorities

  • Hiring new team members or any other HR-related tasks

Deadline for applications: 01.07.2022.

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