Exploring PHP 8.0

Exploring PHP 8.0

Sreda, 11.08.2021

CODEstantine is a community for experienced developers in Southern Serbia. This year CODEstantine is going global – a series of CODEstantine Meetups is expected to gather dozens of worldwide tech experts sharing their expertise about cutting-edge technologies and the newest trends.

The goals are sharing software development practices, networking, and experience exchange all from a safe distance.

The meetup in August is about Exploring PHP 8.0.

PHP’s latest major release is a truly major release! (And tautologies are tautologies.) With more ease-of-use functionality than you can shake a stick at, PHP 8.0 promises to offer more power in less code than any PHP version to date.
Covering the whole of PHP 8.0’s improvements would take a whole book (and has), but we can cover the major features in an hour. Expect code that is easier to write, easier to read, and more flexible than ever before in the web’s premiere server-side language.
If after this talk you aren’t itching to move your code to PHP 8.0, you’re either asleep or not a PHP developer (so why are you here?)

About Larry Garfield, Stuff Engineer for TYPO3

Larry Garfield has been building websites since he was a sophomore in high school, which is longer ago than he’d like to admit. Larry is currently a Staff Engineer with the TYPO3 project. Before that, he was Director of Developer Experience for Platform.sh and a long-time Drupal contributor and consultant, and led the Drupal 8 Web Services initiative that helped transform Drupal into a modern PHP platform. Larry is a member of the PHP-FIG Core Committee, and has authored several books on PHP development including “Thinking Functionally in PHP” and “Exploring PHP 8.0.”.

 Register HERE. It’s free for now!


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