How to Make a Smooth Transition From Java/JEE to Node JS

How to Make a Smooth Transition From Java/JEE to Node JS

Sreda, 21.07.2021

CODEstantine is a community for experienced developers in Southern Serbia. This year CODEstantine is going global – a series of CODEstantine Meetups is expected to gather dozens of worldwide tech experts sharing their expertise about cutting-edge technologies and the newest trends.

The goals are sharing software development practices, networking, and experience exchange all from a safe distance.

The first meetup this summer is How to Make a Smooth Transition From Java/JEE to Node JS.

Java was a quite popular programming language that is becoming less and less popular because of modern programming languages that offer benefits like avoid compiling the code which increase the development speed by a lot in large projects, cheaper platforms to deploy applications, reduced learning curve, simpler architecture models and a bigger ecosystem that developers can take advantage of to develop new products.

No doubt that JavaScript in conjunction with Node JS is one of the strongest options in this field, in this talk, Rene Enriquez, Senior Backend Engineer at Clevertech, is going to show how to move from a Java/JEE ecosystem to Node JS and how to make this transition smooth. He will share all the experience during his journey of 10+ years of experience as Java developer/lead/architect to become a successful JavaScript backend expert.

About Rene Enriquez, Senior Backend Engineer at Clevertech

I’m a senior software engineer passionate about cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and techniques to improve software quality. In the last few years, I have been leading development teams, establishing a technical vision for products and pairing with developers to make sure technical decisions are respected. I have found that pairing with developers is a great mechanism to build trust and empathy with my team and this is why I found it very powerful.

I have experience with different programming languages and I made a pretty smooth transition from Java/JEE to JavaScript/TypeScript/Node JS a couple of years ago.

 Register HERE. It’s free for now!


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