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One of Our Stories: Career Development


It is well known that one of the prerequisites for a company's success and growth is the career development of its team members. Even though career path and development can often be perceived as a myth or just a buzzword, at Insightful we are dedicated to recognising and valuing our team members’ work, dedication and aspirations.

What does that mean in numbers? In the last year only, around 15% of our team members have advanced in their careers.

As there is more than one way to grow, at Insightful we have implemented different development paths - expertise, leadership, and career shift. What does each of them mean? Let us tell you a bit more about them as well as some personal experiences of our team members.

The expertise path brings career advancement, new responsibilities, hard and soft skills development, as well as opportunities for coaching and mentoring. This way, a team member moves to a more senior position and keeps climbing up the career ladder.

Marko Stamenkovic

Senior Lead Generation Representative

“When I joined Insightful the team was pretty small, and I was the first Lead Generation Representative in my team.

I was able to implement different things, create new processes from scratch, and that way work on my professional development. Moreover, I felt comfortable sharing my interests, initiatives, and ideas every step of the way for which I received support and encouragement from the management.

As my work, knowledge, and effort were recognized, I got promoted to a more senior position. That way, I got new responsibilities, became more involved with the decision-making process, and was given the trust to resolve more complex tasks.”

On the other hand, the leadership path is there for those who find their talents and interests in leading, mentoring, and empowering others. Besides guiding and providing valuable support to their team, this path also brings a new set of responsibilities, experience, and skills, as well as increased influence, independence, authority, and credibility. That way team members can grow both as leaders and professionals.

Jana Jovanovic

Customer Success Team Lead

“I have been with the company since its main beginnings. I first started as an intern, where I had the opportunity to try myself out in different fields. As the company started to grow rapidly, my knowledge, experience, and effort were recognized and I got the opportunity to be one of the first people in our Customer Success Team and later a team lead.

One of the main challenges during my career development was having to make the right decision and figure out in which direction I should develop myself further, so I am really happy that I got a chance to choose a path with the help and advice of our top management.

The best part about the process was that I was able to create my own development path. Now, as a team lead, I really enjoy being able to share my experience with my team and work on their development.”

Radisa Radisic

Enterprise Account Executive Team Lead

“I started working at Insightful as an Account Executive in the Enterprise Team. Due to my interest, enthusiasm, experience, and desire to implement new ideas I was promoted to an Enterprise Account Executive Team Lead after a year.

I think that by nature a team lead must want to help other people and that cooperation with team members is key. I was lucky enough that my team is very open-minded, collaborative, and supportive, which made things much easier.

My personal approach is to support my team members in their career development even before they are 100% ready. With the adequate support of the management, I think that the right people will always adapt to such a challenge.”

Bojana Djordjevic

Content Team Lead

“From the beginning, I had the role of a mentor, was a part of creating our Content Team from scratch and later promoted to a Content Team Lead.

Even though I really enjoy being a team lead, it is definitely challenging as there is a struggle between what kind of a leader I would like to be and what kind of leader my team needs.

Now, as a team lead, I do my best to listen to my team members and take care of their career development. It is important that the leader is proactive and shows appreciation for their team members’ work.”

Lastly, the career shift path is a process designed to support Insightful team members in switching their careers from one job family to another and growing in the direction they prefer. It provides greater responsibility, helps them gain new skills, knowledge, and experience in a field that sparks their interest and all of that while staying in a familiar environment.

Uros Maksimovic

QA Analyst

“I came to Insightful three years ago while the team was still pretty small. Even though I was working in sales and customer support, my interest gravitated more towards tech support. As I had always been tech savvy, I got the desire to grow in that direction, which is why I started learning more about QA.

Ivan, our CEO, and Milan, Director of Engineering recognized my affinities and desire which resulted in me transferring from our Support Team to QA Team. The transition period went pretty smoothly and I had understanding and support from both teams.

I was able to develop myself in QA and at the same time implement my knowledge of our software and clients in a different setting and that way contribute to our team. Moreover, I got the opportunity to be a mentor and helped onboard several colleagues.”

If you like our story and want to hear more about it or have any questions, feel free to ping us at jobs@insightful.io. Stay tuned for more stories to come. :-)

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