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One of our stories: Competence Development


In our previous story, we talked about external education opportunities and how they help our team members develop various technical and soft skills. However, in order to maximize our team development and get all-around educational results, we also implemented two internal training sessions focused on empowering people-oriented competencies.

The first step on that road was identifying the exact skills and knowledge our team members needed. Afterward, we jumped into designing the training to make it cover real-life situations, issues, and challenges they encounter at work. Our main goal was to help them transition smoothly to their new roles, and be prepared for more team-oriented activities they will have in Insightful.

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentorship is one of the key parts of our onboarding process. Having a good mentor can significantly help with not only better onboarding our new team members and guiding them in their professional development, but also with them becoming more confident, encouraged to take initiative, and stepping out of their comfort zone.

Being a mentor isn’t easy, but it is definitely rewarding. Mentorship is a two-way learning process as it also helps mentors cultivate and improve different leadership competencies such as:

  • leading by example
  • knowledge-sharing
  • adaptability
  • accountability
  • time management
  • decision-making
  • providing feedback
  • building trust
  • and overall interpersonal skills.

Moreover, mentors can have fun while sharing something they are passionate about, gain new perspectives, be exposed to different thoughts and opinions, reflect on the progress they’ve made, and boost their confidence.

Sounds like a lot to cover, right? This is why this training is focused on equipping every first-time Insightful mentor with all the necessary tools to get to grips with this new experience.

Nevena: “I wanted to take part in our mentorship training in order to prepare myself for our team’s growth. It helped me to better organize my time as a mentor to complete my everyday tasks and dedicate enough time to my mentee, and improve the quality of learning materials we use during our onboarding process. Also, I learned how to effectively transfer knowledge, listen to and give feedback, adapt my mentorship approach, and better follow my mentee’s progress.”

Stevan: “Mentorship training is great not only for people who are about to be mentors but also for the ones who have already been. It helped me dive into my new role much easier, and it set a good foundation for my further professional development. Now, as a mentor, my goal is to help my mentee gain adequate knowledge and skills, and at the same time become confident and independent.”

Ana: “Mentorship is not just about knowledge-sharing, but it’s also about building trustworthy relationships with our mentee. What I liked the most about this training is the fact that it wasn’t exhausting and yet our attention and participation didn’t wane. As mentors, we should be adaptable and understanding, and help our mentees get outside of their comfort zone, which is exactly what this training helped me with.”

Training the interviewers

At Insightful, we strive to include and empower our team members to be a part of the selection process due to their expertise and experience, and that way make an impact on our team’s growth. For all team members who decide to take part in this role and assess knowledge and skills specific to a certain position, this means that they’re accepting a whole new role - the role of a technical interviewer.

This training is specifically designed to provide them with elements and skills needed for conducting technical interviews and help them better assess candidates. Interview flow, interview questions, and some of the best interviewing methods are just a few of the topics of the interviewing process that we cover. With different tips and tricks regarding communication, we want to help our team members with good practices in the interview setting.

Dusan: “Even though I have lots of experience conducting technical interviews, assessing candidates is always challenging. Through this training, I got a new perspective on the interviewing process and was able to learn new things, discuss different topics, and share my experiences with others. The STAR method left the biggest impression on me and it now helps me to get to know candidates much better.”

Jelena: “Technical interview training is great even for people like me who have already conducted interviews. I really liked its structure as well as many different real-life examples and situations which help us understand the candidates much better, put ourselves in their shoes, and set biases and subjectivity aside.”

Stevan: “I had the opportunity to take part in both training sessions. This one gave me the knowledge and skills I need for conducting technical interviews - starting from what should be covered in the interview to the interview flow by using lots of practical examples and role plays. I really like the fact that many of us can get the opportunity to develop professionally through these training sessions.”

Mentorship and interviewing are very important processes during which the quality of work can impact both sides. This is why we want to, on one end, empower participants with our training sessions and different activities, while creating smooth and high-quality processes at the same time.

However, that is not the end for us. We look at our training as an indefinite-work-in progress - continuously working on adapting and improving our training by listening to the feedback we receive from our mentors and mentees, as well as interviewers and interviewees.

If you like our story and want to hear more about it or have any questions, feel free to ping us at jobs@insightful.io. Stay tuned for more stories to come. :-)

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