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One of our stories: Insightful Week

As September is a perfect time to start something new, this year we have decided to ennoble it with Insightful Week, a week dedicated to expanding our knowledge and deepening collaboration through team and cross-department meetings, as well as informal gatherings and team building activities.

While our remote work culture continues to thrive, there is a unique energy and camaraderie that comes from occasional face-to-face interactions. This is why our team members from all around the world were given an opportunity to gather in our Belgrade office for a full week of onsite collaboration.

Tijana: “Insightful week was fun as we gathered in person on the level of the entire team. Besides meetings and gatherings, we also spent time with everyone on our team building and All Hands meeting.

Even though we are used to working from different locations, it was not challenging coming to the office. On the contrary, it was a very relaxed and fun working environment, especially since our team members who live abroad were able to visit us.

Product and Engineering team also had internal and cross-department meetings which were very helpful as we got a bigger picture of company and team level goals and projects. That way, we were able to better understand how other teams work and what they work on, which made our cross-department collaboration much smoother and more efficient.

Additionally, I also took part in the Company values workshop which was meaningful as we were able to discuss and share our thoughts on our values and the things we appreciate in Insightful.”

Kendra: “This was my second time in Belgrade as I work from Prague. Even though I prefer working remotely, it was nice coming to the office for engagement and socializing.

I really like the company culture and enjoy the young and professional vibe of Insightful - things are quicker and more agile, people experiment with ideas and are open to taking risks.

Marketing team also had several valuable cross-department meetings and brainstorming sessions with product, customer success and sales teams. We were able to realize the knowledge these teams have, what they do, how changes one team implements can impact another team, and get more insights and feedback from them.

This was very helpful for me to develop content and it gave me a good template to work with.”

Having team members work from different locations can be challenging. This is why we nurture a culture of collaboration, building trust between departments, and establishing clear communication.

Cross-department collaboration is one way to strengthen teamwork and foster knowledge sharing and continuous learning as it brings together different perspectives and areas of expertise. Partnering with other teams helps us boost innovation, streamline processes, find new ideas, solutions and opportunities, and have our team members get better visibility by addressing the things we can improve and work on together, hearing everyone’s standpoints and contributing with our insights.

That is why Insightful encouraged and supported all departments in allocating needed time to get together and organize their cross-functional workshops and meetings by gathering everyone around the same table in order to speak on key topics important to all included.

Steven: “Coming to Belgrade was amazing as I was able to dive into my role and collaborate with people at a company level. This was beneficial as we combined different perspectives, things we could work on, found opportunities and areas of improvement, and learned what we are doing as a sales organization.

It was also fun working with people in person, especially since the team is international and by coming together we were able to build relationships with other team members. Everybody worked above and beyond to make this trip hospitable.

Collaboration is a great thing in Insightful. During our cross-team meetings, we were able to get a better understanding of the roles of each team and see how we can work together. Even though it is a young company, Insightful has all the needs in order to be successful.”

During Insightful Week, we also wanted to cover a very important topic for us - Company values. With that in mind, we gathered to learn more and discuss not only about current Insightful values, but also hear out each other's beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive us in our professional lives.

Having a clear understanding of the company values helps us make the right decisions as values give us a compass to what is important and how to use it to achieve our goals, gives us a sense of purpose and responsibility, and helps us build and maintain a strong culture. Furthermore, major takeaways from this workshop continuously help us expand our team with people who share the same values as we do.

Zorana: “Insightful Week was fun and extremely useful, at the same time. As my team members don’t live in Belgrade, this was a great opportunity for all of us to gather. We also conducted several brainstorming sessions in person, which were very helpful.

What I enjoyed the most were cross-team meetings as they helped us bond with each other, better understand each team and the processes they are going through. As a result, we were able to reach certain mutual conclusions which created a foundation for the things we would like to work on and implement together.

I also enjoyed Jovana’s, our Data Scientist’s, AI workshop and took part in the Company values workshop as well, where it was nice to hear the perspectives of other team members.”

As we encourage knowledge sharing through our additional educational activities, we didn’t want to leave it out this time either, as we had the perfect setting to share ideas and brainstorm together onsite.

Knowledge shares help us not only to keep new things we learn in silos but to share them openly and in that way actively build collective knowledge together, encourage discussion and increase collaboration.

During Insightful Week, Jovana, our Data Scientist, shared her knowledge and expertise in the field of AI which drew the attention of many of us.

Last but not least, something we value and nurture in Insightful is transparency. Therefore, in order for all of us to have visibility, stay updated and aligned, we regularly organize an All Hands meeting where we share the company results, celebrate company milestones, give recognition to each team and their accomplishments, talk about future plans, objectives, roadmap, and the things we would like to work on and achieve in the upcoming period.

This time, we had an opportunity to organize it in the Kovacevic winery where we all got together for our team building activities, which gave it a much more special note.

If you like our story and want to hear more about it or have any questions, feel free to ping us at jobs@insightful.io.

Stay tuned for more stories to come. :-)