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Hackathon - Merkle Sparks Ladies' Interest in Coding


The Merkle hackathon gave women the possibility to gain new experience in coding.

An active September is left behind Merkle Belgrade office. Not only we came back from our vacations and had many memories to share with each other, but we enjoyed experiences at NCamp and our local initiative under the name Code. Hackathon. Female. Merkle.

Merkle hackathon was intended for all women interested in software engineering and we organized it with the aim to encourage women to work in programming and strengthen their position in the IT sector.

The final result: we managed to attract ladies to the charms of IT field, we had serious job to do while choosing participants and the best solution (their ideas and references were really good), we met some talented and smart girls and we filled our office with a lot of knowledge and positive energy.

The winning team is announced after ten hours of coding, tough jury’s discussion and hard decision. It is Garfield, team which came up with solution for feeding stray pets.

Marina Radisavljević, Maša Savić and Jasmina Šević got an internship in Merkle and shared their hackathon experience with us:

It was really an honor for us to be a part of the Code. Hackathon. Female. Merkle. this year. Although a big and very serious company, the Namics‘ Belgrade office seems cozy, welcoming and casual, so we felt relaxed and easily focused on the task at hand. We chose to address the problem of stray dogs and cats and tried to solve at least one aspect of it, as much as we could. Since a certain number of stray dogs and cats were pets of the owners who weren’t capable of taking care of them financially anymore, our solution dealt with getting food donations and directing them into the right hands. Community that would use this solution consists of the pet owners who can afford to buy some extra pet food and leave it in the pet shop for those in need, a series of pet shops who would be willing to participate in the program and receive/give away the pet food bought for the program, and finally, the pet owners who can benefit from this program and who could continue to take care of their pets with the help of others.

The entire idea of the hackathon for women was fun and interesting, and it gave us the opportunity to meet other girls interested in IT and exchange experiences. Even though each of us had a limited amount of time to get to know other team members, as well as to decide on our solution and implement it as team, this hackathon gave us a chance to learn a lot about teamwork, time management and creating a product that, at the end of the day, is both presentable and useful.

Looking forward to next initiatives such as this hackathon and meeting smart and talented engineers!

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